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Raindrop nebulizing diffuser for aromatherapy by Organic Aromas is a must-buy! Would make a great gift!

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Looking for a great way to make your room smell great? This is one great product! An Organic Aromas® Nebulizing Diffuser™ is a great choice! I received the Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser to try out and I love how well it works and all the different colors! It’s simply beautiful and I like the quality. But, yes I have to admit my favorite thing is the variety of colors. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. I thought there may be some complicated type of setup but this was not the case. I highly recommend!

Uses Any Pure Essential Oil Only!

Do not use thick essential oils, like those extracted from tree resin, or carrier oils, like jojoba, grape seed and coconut oil, etc. Also, do not use synthetic fragrance oils.

You can purchase on


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Starting with Soil is a fun app to teach kids about Organic Food! The Whole Kids Foundation launched Starting With Soil this Summer!

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The Whole Kids Foundation this Summer launched Starting with Soil, a free tablet-based organic education app available via Google Play and the App Store that provides a fun way for kids and parents to learn the meaning of organic and where organic food comes from.

I had the opportunity to check it out and also received some gifts to grow our own garden. We currently are growing Sweet Basil Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach! Yum!

I downloaded the app on my husband’s iPad and I really recommend it! It’s a fun way for kids and parents to learn the meaning of organic and where organic food comes from. So check it out! It’s available on Google Play and in the App Store for iPad.


Self Disclosure: I received a free gift package to start our own vegetable garden. No other compensation was received.

The Safe Way to Add Fragrance to Your Home! This one would also make a great gift!

Spa Day Mix Tin

Looking for a safer alternative to candles? Something that will make your room smell great? I absolutely love this product and it would also make a great gift and we know the holidays will be here before we know it!  Happy Wax sent me samples to review and I am quite impressed!

Happy Wax provides a safe alternative to candles and even traditional melters. The warmer is, of course, flameless, but more importantly the melts are completely non-toxic and are safe for children.


Plus, unlike paraffin-based candles and melts, Happy Wax uses all-natural soy wax that is 100% vegetable-based, made from renewable resources and American farm-grown soybeans. Happy Wax Melts are completely pesticide-free, non-toxic, contain no genetically modified materials, are not tested on animals and each melt is hand-poured in Durham, North Carolina.


Happy Wax was thoughtfully designed with a home’s interior in mind. The chic, modern and simple design of the Happy Wax Warmer is the perfect accent piece to compliment any mantel, side table, or nursery. But, even better, the Happy Wax Melts transform any room with a fresh, gentle, livable fragrance throughout. The melts are an all-natural, mixable, and available in over 20 unique scents and in adorable shapes like gummie bears, hearts, specific holiday collections and more.

I just love the shapes that are available! I think I need one of these in every room in my house! I received the Spa Day mix and they are too cute! They are shaped like gummie bears! But, the best thing is how they smell and that it is safe to have this in a room with pets and children. I highly recommend! This is so much better than candles! My favorites are the Lavender/Chamomile Wax Melts!

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DesignEvo is an online logo maker that is easy to use and it is FREE!


Looking to make logos? This one is really cool and it is easy and free! Some of its key features:

* Over one million icons available to search through.
* Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from.
* Fully customizable and unlimited free downloads to your logos.

Check it out at


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Good Earth Wakes Up Chamomile Tea Category with “Sweet & Spicy Good Night Tea”

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Good Earth Tea, leading specialty tea purveyors best known for the legendary “Sweet & Spicy” tea blend, has exciting news for chamomile drinkers: they no longer have to settle for sleepy flavor for their bedtime beverage, thanks to the launch of “Sweet & Spicy Good Night Tea.” By blending the highest quality chamomile flowers with exotic, juicy dragon fruit and fiery cinnamon, Good Earth has created more than a new tea: Sweet & Spicy Good Night is an entirely new experience in chamomile that can be enjoyed hot or iced!


The decades-long popularity of the original Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy tea stems from its unreplicated combination of sweet and spicy elements that are naturally free of calories – and full of taste bud-tingling flavor. Last year, Good Earth introduced the first expansion of this popular tea line: Sweet & Spicy Green. Today, the brand is proud to introduce Good Night chamomile tea, the third member of the Sweet & Spicy family.


Good Earth believes that tea should never be boring – and that includes chamomile tea. (After all, a good night’s sleep is never boring!) That’s why our Master Blenders have brought together the benefits of chamomile with the sweetness of dragon fruit and the spiciness of cinnamon. The result is a soothing-yet-scintillating tea whose amazing aroma and tantalizing taste will put the final exclamation point on the day before dozing off to sweet (and spicy) dreams.


“We are always amazed by our loyal fans…and we are listening to them! They want more ways to enjoy the intriguing Sweet & Spicy flavor combinations they can only get from Good Earth, so we are expanding the line to meet their needs,” said Dhwani Kothari, Global Brand Manager at Good Earth Teas, Inc. “With Sweet & Spicy now available in our original black tea, new green tea, and newest chamomile tea, our fans can enjoy a Sweet & Spicy moment at any time of the day – or night. And there is more to come!”


Good Earth’s new Sweet & Spicy Good Night chamomile tea is naturally caffeine free made with natural flavors and ingredients, and free from sweeteners. Available in Original and Organic varieties, Sweet & Spicy Good Night can be purchased at select major retailers nationwide and online at for a MSRP of $4.29 (18 bags per box).

I had the opportunity to try this new Tea (it actually came out earlier this Summer!) and I love it! I stopped drinking caffeine-free tea before bed because it tasted so blah! I love the taste of cinnamon in this tea and love that it is available in the chamomile tea. Look for it at a store near you! 


For more information about the complete line of Good Earth teas, including Sweet & Spicy Good Night chamomile varieties, visit For the latest updates, be sure to follow Good Earth on Facebook ( and Instagram (


About Good Earth Tea

One of the first American herbal companies and a leader in specialty tea, Good Earth Tea offers a tea adventure like no other, taking inspiration from the Earth’s wonders to transform rich flavors from around the world into vivid and intriguing blends such as Sweet & Spicy. Good Earth Tea is part of the Tata Group, one of the largest India-headquartered multinationals in North America, that also includes Eight O’Clock Coffee and Tetley Tea. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @GoodEarthTea.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Images and information were also provided.