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New Olay Energizing Lime & White Tea Body Wash is a Must-Buy! Leaves skin clean and hydrated!


I have a new favorite Body Wash! The New Olay Energizing Lime & White Tea Body Wash is formulated with an essential  oil fragrance for a long-lasting scent and vibrant fresh skin all day. I like that it really leaves my skin soft and hydrated! Besides that, it really smells great!

Other Fresh Outlast Collection Scents include:

Cooling White Strawberry & Mint (I love this one too!), Soothing Orchid & Black Currant, Crisp Pear & Fuji Apple and Invigorating Mango & White Ginger.

Available at Mass, Drug and food Stores and retails for $5.49 for a 23.6 oz body wash.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. 

Cold and Flu Remedies You Don’t Need A Prescription For! Boogie Wipes are great for young kids!


Do you have a child who really hates to blow their nose? Boogie Wipes are the answer! They actually are a must-have for the whole family!

Cold and flu season is here, and with it all the irritating symptoms that keep us tied to our beds for days at a time. Whether battling the common cold or being one of the unlucky victims of the flu, finding effective products to fight the illness is key. Get fast relief without the side effects with Boogie Wipes. Boogie Wipes are saline nose wipes that help clean noses while clearing airways and moisturizing skin. The pediatrician recommended brand can be used by anyone from infants to grandparents to help alleviate cold-like symptoms.

I received samples and love how easy they are to use! I like the fresh scent too!

greatgrape30   fresh30

You can find out more on their website. They are also easy to find at the store. I found them at our local Target.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post.


Frankie is Pet of the Week!

FRankie, FEbruary 18 Pet of the Week

Spring is on the way—many days, it seems to have sprung already—and the weather is great for walks and hikes. Need a buddy? Sweet Frankie, an American Staffie, is perfect! With his beautiful brindle coat, fine physique and goofy grin, he’s the perfect companion for treks or just hanging out. He’s only 3 years old, so he has plenty of woof in him! Meet Frankie at Animal Care Services on the shelter side of the P.D. Pitchford Animal Village, 7700 E. Spring St., Long Beach, (562) 570-PETS. Ask for ID#A564244.


(The usual suspects contributed to this rescue)

Credit: P.D. Pitchford Animal Village.