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New episodes of CURIOUS GEORGE & annual Spring special to air March 30


On Monday, March 30th, a week of CURIOUS GEORGE kicks off with the one-hour CURIOUS GEORGE Swings Into Spring special, followed by two new episode premieres later in the week. In these new adventures, George does everything from mending a broken costume for Chinese New Year to exploring the great Amazon!

Building on the series’ curricular focus, the episodes integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts into George’s discoveries in intuitive and fun ways that kids will enjoy. To extend the fun, parents can access a variety of engaging and educational resources, including outdoors-themed games like “ZOOmazing,” and “Animal Scrapbook” and a variety of special activities, printables, and videos on


Episode Airdates and Descriptions (check local listings for air times and more details)

CURIOUS GEORGE Swings Into Spring – Airs March 30 and April 3, 2015
In CURIOUS GEORGE Swings Into Spring, George has a case of spring fever and wants nothing more than to play outside with his best dog pal, Hundley. However, serious “lobby” dogs like Hundley have no time for spring. When misfortune strikes and their building is flooded, Hundley accepts George’s invitation to visit the country. George tries to share the joy of spring with him, but then Hundley gets lost! Will George be able to rescue Hundley — and will they finally get to enjoy spring together?

George’s Curious Dragon Dance / Bowling for Bobolinks” – Premieres March 31, 2015
George’s Curious Dragon Dance: George and Marco are excited to help their new friend Lily practice the dragon dance for the Chinese New Year parade!  But when they accidentally ruin the nose on the dragon costume, it’s a race against the clock to fix it in time. Can this monkey mend a dragon or will this New Year be out of luck?

Bowling for Bobolinks: Monkeys LOVE bowling, especially when high scores raise money for their favorite songbird – the bobolink!  But when George finds himself dodging runaway balls and flying shoes, he worries the charity event will be a bust.  Could mixed-up bowling shoes be causing the chaos?

“Curious George’s Amazon Adventure / Monkey Senses” – Premieres April 1, 2015
Curious George’s Amazon Adventure: To raise awareness for the rainforest, Professor Wiseman enlists George and the Man with the Yellow Hat to help make a movie about the different plants, animals, and insects that call it home.  But when a frisky tamarin monkey runs off with their camera, the chase is on!  Will George’s jungle instincts lead him to the camera or is the movie over before the big premiere?

Monkey Senses: When George, Gnocchi, Hundley and Steve get stuck in the back of a delivery truck and end up lost, what’s the one thing they have in common?  Their senses!  George’s eyes, Gnocchi’s nose, and Hundley’s ears provide the memory clues they need to figure out the way back.  And with the help of Steve’s brain, home is just hop, skip and boat ride away!

Credit: PBS KIDS.

Sharing Small Sock Subscription for Kids! Unique and fun way to also give back!


Sharing Small is a Vancouver-based sock subscription service for kids! Our socks feature two explorers engaging in a new adventure each month, and our subscribers (children aged 2-12) receive two pairs per month along with a fun letter, a color poster and a sticker each month.

This really is quite unique! I received a pair of socks in each size to review and believe that kids of all ages will like them. The best think is that for every pair they ship, they also donate a pair to a child in need! Now, that is really cool! The small fits ages 2-4, medium fits ages 4-8, and large fits ages 9-12. The socks we received were bright and colorful and seemed to be great quality socks! In this fun subscription, your child will receive the following: Two new pairs of socks featuring the Sharing Small Explorers on a fun adventure, with new designs each month! Also included is A matching postcard from the Explorers talking about their most recent adventure! It is also quite affordable at $10.00 a month!

To find out more, check out their website at:



Self Disclosure: I received free samples in exchange for an unbiased review.