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Free your ears…. with EarPlanes™ for Adults and EarPlanes™ for Kids (ages 1 to 11, or adults with smaller ears)! The #1 Earplug Recommended for Air Travelers


If you will be traveling by air for business or pleasure soon, or know someone who will be, keep in mind that ear pain and discomfort – clogging, popping, pressure (and the resulting temporary hearing loss) – particularly in young children, can really put a damper on the adventure to and from.  Our bodies can have trouble equalizing the air pressure difference between the plane’s cabin atmosphere and the inner ear – a condition called barotrauma that is experienced by roughly 25% of all air travelers. That % rises in children, since their narrow Eustachian tubes are more sensitive than adults (hence, all those screaming kids on flights).  Barotrauma is the most common medical complaint of airplane travelers, but the good news is that it is the most preventable! [Read more…]

Breakfast With Bunny Sponsored by The City of Torrance Community Services Department

The City of Torrance Community Services Department invites the public to come join the fun in this special program that will include breakfast (consisting of silver dollar pancakes, sausage, bacon, juice, milk, coffee, tea and fruit), a special holiday puppet show from Jim Gamble Productions, cookie decorating, egg hunt, a snapshot with the Bunny (at the designated time during the program), music by DJ Ozzie and more. Please bring your camera! [Read more…]

A Healthier New Year with Popchips and Jillian Michaels! Popchips sponsored Giveaway.


As the new year is off to a great beginning, we all resolve to get healthier.  Whether we choose to cut carbohydrates entirely or spend our days consuming nothing but juice, we set ourselves up for failure. So this year, take advice from an expert, celebrity nutritionist and author Jillian Michaels.

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