XO Baking Co. prides its mixes on not only being the best gluten-free option, but the best tasting gluten-free option

It’s time for holiday baking! Are you looking for a gluten-free option? XO Baking Co. has you covered! They have gourmet bread mixes, cookie mixes, and more! One of my favorites is the Banana Bread Mix! I can’t wait to try the Sugar Cookie Mix this holiday season when I start baking cookies.

Banana Bread


There’s a reason mom-of-two Lindsey Braham puts a hug and kiss in her brand name – it’s because her relationship with food has been a love affair, and not without its ups and downs. In 2009 the trained chef and baker was diagnosed with Celiac disease, a digestive disorder that causes severe discomfort and health problems in reaction to gluten. Braham was told she had to eliminate gluten from her diet completely. A baker who couldn’t use flour? How could she go on!

Armed with a degree from UC Berkeley and expertise in the food sciences and dietic research, Braham began experimenting with combinations of gluten-free ingredients until she created the most flawless “all-purpose flour.” Soon, XO Baking Co. was born.  XO baking is the ONLY gluten-free baking brand to feature a cassava and organic coconut flour blend that is also free of common ingredients like bean and rice flour– making it a swap that doesn’t compromise the texture or taste in baking. The allergen-free and Paleo-friendly all-purpose flour has become the crux of the company, which has since grown into a full line of delicious, simple baking mixes so everyone can enjoy professional-tasting treats, no matter their dietary restrictions.

“Food allergies and celiac disease are conditions that are not going away.  In fact, the number of those diagnosed continues to grow year after year.  XO Baking Co. is such an important part of so many individuals’ lives –accommodating a range of specific food allergies and making dessert time safer for everyone,” Braham said. “It’s not just an allergy friendly food – it’s the best tasting allergy friendly food.  People shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre!”

While being diagnosed with Celiac disease was at first difficult, Braham is thankful for where it’s brought her, both as a chef, a baker and human. Every great cook loves when their culinary creation truly pleases a customer or critic. And with XO Baking Co., Braham continues to exceed expectations of countless people who must navigate the limitations of a dietary affliction.

XO Baking Co. provides quick and easy mixes for restaurant-worthy cakes (from carrot to chocolate), moist banana breads, fluffy cinnamon rolls (the dough of which is also amazing for pizza), rich fudge brownies, buttery pound cakes, crisp and chewy chocolate chip cookies, blondies, a non-GMO cornbread and much more. XO Baking Co’s products are available online on the website, Amazon and at retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

To learn more about XO Baking Co. and try their incredible boxed mixes and recipes, visit them online and follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Information and images were also provided.

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