When are couples most likely to divorce?

The word ‘divorce’ doesn’t usually have positive associations. We think about quarrelling partners who just can’t stand seeing and living with each other anymore, so they end up in court. Actually, the reasons for a divorce can be numerous and they are not always that dramatic. What are the circumstances of the majority of divorces? How and then do they take place?

The ‘key period’ for a marriage

Research shows that the very beginning of a marriage and the time after, on average, the fifth year, are relatively ‘safe’ in terms of divorce risk. The most important and ‘dangerous’ period, however, is said to be the time within the first five years of a marriage. This is usually the time when problems are starting to arise, partners get involved in everyday issues, they may not have time for each other. The first years of marriage also demand a lot of decisions, such as having a baby or taking a mortgage. All the things may build tension between the partners and if they’re not resolved properly, they increase the risk of a divorce. If you want to learn how to tackle such problems, consult a therapist or simply read some guidelines online, for example here.

Other situations

Of course, partners may divorce also in other stages of their marriage, as problem can occur anytime. According to psychological studies, the most common reasons for divorce include infidelity and affairs, financial struggles, lack of communication or constant arguing. It’s not always easy to predict which of these issues will be a part of our own marriage, however, there are still some solutions out there. If the partners feel that their marriage is coming to an end, they can always take psychologists’ advice and try therapy together. In case it doesn’t help, a divorce seems to be an emotionally difficult, but still reasonable solution. If you feel lost and anxious about the end-of-marriage issues, visit Survive Divorce.

The reasons and circumstances for a divorce can be various. Every couple is different, with different backgrounds, problems, and memories. It’s worth remembering to always try to communicate with the partner because then the chances of saving the relationship are higher. However, a divorce doesn’t have to be a nightmare  – sometimes it’s even a new beginning.

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