6 Ways to Get a Cheap Divorce

When it comes to getting a divorce, you might have visions of it being incredibly expensive. And, yes, you are right. Traditionally, divorce was extremely expensive. But living in this day and age means that you have options. Getting a divorce doesn’t have to be costly. Getting a divorce is emotionally difficult, the last thing you need is financial burdens, draining your pockets.

Here are 6 ways to get a cheap divorce.

  1. File for an uncontested divorce

If you can, aim for an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse agree to all the terms and conditions of the divorce. For example, you agree on how to split your assets and debts. If you have an uncontested divorce, you can also get a divorce without an attorney. Having an uncontested divorce is usually faster and cheaper than a contested divorce. You can go to this link to learn more about uncontested divorce.

A contested divorce usually requires a trial before a judge which is extremely costly. If you have a contested divorce, you will probably also need to hire a lawyer. Lawyers charge per hour, which can be extremely expensive. Therefore, if you can, keep things during your divorce amicable, so that you do not have to go to trial. If you don’t have children, your divorce procedure will be straightforward. You can also apply for a simplified divorce as well. You will need to meet a few requirements though to qualify for a simplified divorce. For example:

  • You will have to have no minor children under the age of 18.
  • Both spouses must want a divorce.
  • Neither spouse wants alimony
  • You and your spouse do not any property together
  • Neither spouse should be going through bankruptcy.

If you meet the following criteria you can obtain a simplified divorce, which will really save you money. The average cost of an uncontested divorce is about $300. Which is a massive difference in comparison to the average contested divorce which is about $15 000 per person. Another reason why an uncontested divorce will help you save money because you won’t need a lawyer to help you fill out any paperwork. You can even get your divorce papers online. Follow this website to learn more about quick and cheap divorce.

2.  Make a list of all your questions and keep communication with your lawyer low.

If you feel that your divorce might be a bit more complicated than you expected, and you might need a lawyer, make sure to make a list of everything that you want to ask them. If you do this, it will limit the amount of time that you will need with your lawyer. Therefore, saving you time, which in turn will save you money. You could also hire a lawyer only for certain parts of your case and not for the entire procedure. This is called “unbundled” legal services. Ask your lawyer if they will consider this. Try only contact your lawyer if there is a really serious problem. Some lawyers even charge for emails that are sent, or for call-out fees.

3. Compare prices

When it comes to getting a cheap divorce, you should also compare lawyer fees. You don’t have to go with the most expensive lawyer. If they are expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best. You can interview multiple lawyers. Ask what their costs are and make sure that there are no hidden costs. You could also ask a younger lawyer to help you. They might charge less. Even though they are less experienced, they will be obligated to ask a more experienced lawyer for help, if there is anything that they do not understand. Another option is to ask people you know of any affordable divorce lawyers in the area.

Go here to know more about prices for divorce costs.

4. Consider mediation

Mediation is a great way to save money during a divorce. Rather than going to trial, seek mediation. Mediation can be at most $2,000 a day, and most mediations, last no more than two days. Whereas going to trial can be much more expensive. So if you would like to get a cheap divorce, opt for mediation rather than going to trial.

5. Have a DIY divorce.

Another option is to do everything yourself. This will definitely make sure that your divorce will be cheap. When it comes to a DIY divorce, these are the steps that you will need to follow:

  • Find the court that will have jurisdiction over your case. You will have to prepare the divorce proceedings in the family court in the area where you and your spouse live. You and your spouse should have lived in your state for at least 6 months before you can file for a divorce.
  • Prepare your petition for divorce and pay the appropriate fees. You can get your divorce papers online, or at your local clerk’s office. Hand in or mail your documentation.
  • You have to let your spouse know that you will be filing for a divorce. You can do this by hiring a process server to hand-deliver the divorce decree to your spouse. They will need to sign the documentation.
  • Agree on the terms of the divorce with your spouse.
  • Prepare the final decree of divorce.
  • Schedule a final hearing to complete the divorce process. You can contact the clerk’s office to set up a date for your final hearing.

Therefore, it is possible to file for divorce on your own, but it can be complicated if you are unsure of what to do.

6. Get an online divorce

The cheapest and fastest way to get a divorce is to get an online divorce. There are many online divorce companies that offer amazing service throughout the entire divorce process. They can send you divorce papers within 24 hours and file your papers for you. They also have online support teams, who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. An online divorce costs, on average, between $300 and $500. How’s that for savings? When it comes to choosing an online divorce company, go with a reputable company that has great reviews.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to save money and get a cheap divorce. If you follow these 6 steps, you can be sure that going through a divorce will not break the bank. Rather use the money that you save for a much needed holiday.


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