Weighted Teddy Bears Heal Broken Hearts

 There’s a non-profit called The Comfort Cub and it is a weighted teddy bear that has been healing Broken Heart Syndrome for mothers, fathers, siblings, doctors, teachers and children for 25 years. The weight of the bear is scientifically proven to soothe Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, or better known as, Broken Heart Syndrome. People experience Broken Heart Syndrome when they go through severe loss, trauma, and grief. It can be deadly. The Comfort Cub could really be helpful!

The Comfort Cub was founded by Marcella Johnson 25 years ago. Marcella’s journey began with a personal tragedy when she lost her baby boy, George, shortly after his birth. Overwhelmed by grief, Marcella experienced excruciating heartache, which was later diagnosed as Broken Heart Syndrome. She was determined to find relief and healing. Marcella discovered that when she picked up a weighted object her heart attack-like pain slowed way down and her excruciating arm pain was soothed (the arm pain was from not holding her newborn in her arms, since her body had been preparing to hold a baby for nine months, and then she wasn’ts holding him).  She thought she looked silly carrying potted plants around so she quickly put a weight inside one of her other child’s stuffed animals and carried that around. She was shocked at how much better she felt. 

She knew other moms who were grieving could also benefit from a weighted animal to soothe their grief and trauma after losing a baby or even any loved one. Then she created The Comfort Cub and started stocking hospitals and maternity wings with them, giving them away to moms everywhere who lost a baby. But then she noticed more people, who were not only mothers but other family members experiencing loss and grief wanted one too. Even frontline healthcare workers during the height of COVID-19 requested Comfort Cubs, knowing the comfort they brought to patients at the hospitals who lost loved ones. It was helping them sleep better at night. These weighted bears not only alleviate physical symptoms but also trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine, effectively soothing the pain and reducing the enlarged heart valve associated with Broken Heart Syndrome.

What started as a personal remedy soon blossomed into a mission to extend comfort and support to others facing similar hardships. The Comfort Cub has since been distributed to individuals experiencing various forms of loss and trauma, from parents mourning the loss of a child, victims of domestic violence, frontline healthcare workers battling during the pandemic, and survivors of gun violence. (June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, so The Comfort Cub would be an important story to bring up next month too to help those families looking for support. 

I received one to feature in this post and thought that I would give it to a young mom who recently experienced domestic violence. She has expressed to me how comforting this weighted teddy bear is and it has also been so helpful with her daughter who also experienced trauma.

Please check out the website and this non-profit is also in need of donations. The reach of The Comfort Cub is only limited by the resources available. While the organization remains committed to donating these bears to those in need, financial support is crucial to sustain and expand their efforts. The Comfort Cub is really something special!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.

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