Volcano fun with Dr. Cool!


Looking for a fun Science Experiment for children ages 6-12? We homeschool and I am always on th elook out for cool experiments. The Ultimate Volcano Science Kit by Discover with Dr. Cool is really fun and educational!  The Ultimate kit includes: Volcano Mold, plaster, paints, brush, eruption powder, and 3 real specimens. I love the Full-Color Info and Activity guides that were written by teachers that is included. They are filled with cool science facts about volcanoes and puzzles to solve. My 11-year-old son enjoyed doing this as a project and it would make a great Science Fair project. I also like that it was simple and not complicated at all. It is easy and fun! My son liked his volcano to look more natural looking so he didn’t paint much of it. But, I like that paints are included.

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AWARDS WON: Gold Award – Family Review Center 2012, Seal of Approval – Family Review Center – 2012, Kids Product of the Year – Creative Child Magazine -2012 and Seal of Approval – Toy Directory Monthly 2013.


  • Some tips for casting a successful volcano: the Ultimate Volcano directions call for one cup of water to be added to the plaster, and this amount works for most customers. However, if you have added a full cup and the mix still seems too thick to pour into the mold, stir in a little extra water, adding a bit at a time (up to 1/4 cup). The ideal consistency should be thick, but pourable. We also recommend working quickly and using cold water throughout, since warm or hot water can make the plaster harden more quickly.

Dr. Cool  also  has a coupon available through May that is for a 10% savings on all active products and product packages at http://www.discoverwithdrcool.com. Check out this cool kit and all the other cool kits.


Self Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for an unbiased review.

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