TubShroom Introduces SinkShroom SinkShroom Officially Launches Meeting the Demands of Consumers After successful Kickstarter Campaign, Creators of TubShroom Launch A Brand New Product


Are you tired of getting hair or other things clogging up your sink? There is a solution!

Owners of Juka Innovations Corp. and creators of TubShroom have launched their next life changing innovation – SinkShroom, a sustainable solution to prevent clogged sink drains. The new prototype comes to life after an overwhelming demand from consumers who saw the difference TubShroom made in keeping their bath drains un-clogged. Husband and wife duo, Elena and Serge Karnegie are eager to introduce their next big invention, which is now available nation-wide.

Just like TubShroom, SinkShroom works to capture any and all fallen hair, but this time fits into a standard 1.25 inch sink drain. The tool was designed to rise about half an inch above the drain in order to provide seamless water flow, while preventing hair and other objects from passing through. It is a chemical free way to keep your drains effortlessly clean and an eco-friendly alternative to harmful liquid drain cleaners. SinkShroom has been tested on all types of hair, being proven to work with both human and pet hair.
“We were thrilled to find the solution to a problem we know so many people have, including ourselves, and to be able to share it with the world. Our hope is to make people’s lives easier and eliminate the use of harmful drain solutions and chemicals that wear away at pipes” – Elena Karnegie, Co-Founder and Inventor.
After successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns launched in early 2016, the prototype raised up to a combined seventy-four thousand dollars and garnered support from over 41 countries. SinkShroom is now available in five different colors, white, blue, green, grey and orange on Amazon.com for $12.99. It will soon be available at Bed Bath & Beyond, The Home Depot, Ace Hardware stores and more.
I received a sample and it does really work! I have to admit that I haven’t had a clogged up sink since I have started using!~SoCal City Kids.
About TubShroom
TubShroom is headquartered in Melville, Long Island and was created as a solution to a personal problem husband and wife co-inventors were having. The brand aims to minimize the use of harmful chemical drain cleaners, whose fumes can be dangerous and ingredients can wear away at pipes. Elena and Serge Karnegie are dedicated continuously coming up with more solutions for common, everyday problems. For more information about the products, please visit www.tubshroom.com or Amazon.com.
Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to feature this product. No other compensation was received. Info and photo were provided.

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