The perfect gift for Valentine’s day!

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your beloved partner or your children? Search no more – we have a great idea for you. 

The first year of the months is over, but somehow it feels as if 2020 has just started. Nevertheless, Valentines is just around the corner. Although more and more people have a certain perspective on that day and say they don’t need a certain day to show their love to family and friends, in the hectic everyday life this affection can get neglected. 

For everyone else, cherishing the 14th of February and still thinking of it way too late – we have a nice gift idea for you. How about sunglasses? They are trendy, affordable and show your loved one how well you know them, in choosing the right look. 

Designer sunglasses 

There are many great designer sunglasses for men and women out there, in various styles, colors, frames and last but not least, prices. Let’s be honest, not everyone has the possibility and wants to spend 500 bucks on a pair of designer sunglasses, no matter how great they look. Sunglasses have become somewhat of a fashion piece, yet something we use everyday. 

Therefore, they need to be durable too and having an expensive pair of sunglasses might make you think of them as being too valuable for some occasions. Of course, there are some cheaper variants for $10-$20, but let’s be honest, the quality is sometimes not the greatest. 

Sometimes it is a good idea to keep an eye on new innovative brands. One of them is MessyWeekend, a danish startup from Copenhagen. They design their sunglasses in their headquarters and focus on high quality as well as fair prices to make Danish Design available for everybody. Their sunglasses are durable, of high quality and stylish – I have a pair myself and adore them!

Great idea for other occasions 

All in all, sunglasses for women and men are the perfect gift, not only for Valentines. Birthdays, graduation parties or maybe just a nice gesture – you cannot be wrong with them. Everybody needs sunglasses, especially in summer, not only to see better, but also to protect the eyes from dangerous UV radiation. And last but not least, they are after all a great fashion accessory!

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