Summer Must-Haves

Here are some of my favorites this Summer!

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What is Summer without ice cream and frozen treats? Goodpop is a favorite of mine! GoodPop’s Fudge n’ Vanilla Squares are the first gluten-free, oatmilk frozen dessert square on the market that is 100% plant-based and gluten-free. They are 130 calories each and have only 10 grams of sugar. The squares are also kosher, and made with only fair trade, non-GMO ingredients. They come with four in a box and the suggested retail price is $4.99 – $5.99. Shoppers can find them in stores now at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmer’s Market and online at the GoodPop shop. These are really delicious! I had the opportunity to try these and I will definitely be buying them this Summer! Goodpop also has ice cream sandwiches and popsicles that you will just love!

The Chocolate Vanilla Sandwiches were also a favorite in my house! All GoodPop products are USDA certified organic or Non-GMO Project Verified, dairy and gluten- free and made without HFCs, GMOs, refined sugars or sugar alcohol sweeteners. GoodPop treats can be found in natural and conventional retailers in 40+ states. For a full list of retailers, more information and to shop these new items, visit:

Sunscreen is another must this Summer! I never leave home without it!

No child wants to miss out on summer camp fun because of a terrible sunburn so don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! Protect your child from the harsh rays of the summer sun with Reef-Friendly SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen and Organic Sunburn & After Sun Gel. What makes them stand apart is the products are reef friendly and made of 70% organic ingredients. Available on Amazon Here

I really like that they are made of 70% organic ingredients and the sunscreen absorbs quickly.

Price: $12.99+

Summer also means the kids may be home and fun activities are a must!

I love baking cookies and it doesn’t really matter what time of the year it is! But, this is a really fun one to do with the kids this Summer! Need a summer activity for the kids to do with a babysitter or grandparents? These linzer cookie kits from Erin’s Elderberries are a great option! These kits include step-by-step directions and ALL of the dry ingredients (USDA Certified Organic) and tools that you need! The Linzer cookie cutters come with it as well as your choice of jelly! I love that it includes a cookie cutter and really easy-to-follow directions!

Price: $25.00

Carbonated drinks are a hit during the Summer! This next product will make it super simple to have a carbonated drink on hand!


 Introducing Drinkmate, the first and only home beverage carbonator that can carbonate ANY beverage. From juice, tea, and water, to cocktails, Drinkmate quickly and easily adds the bubbly! I like that it is super easy to use and that you can even make slushies! This will definitely be a hit this summer with both kids and adults! It also doesn’t dilute the drink. I was actually surprised by that fact! It is available in four colors and costs $110.99. My favorite color is Arctic Blue! It is also available in Classic White, Matte Black, and Royal Red. It is a must for any get-togethers and parties this Summer! Includes the Drinkmate OmniFizz carbonated beverage maker machine, BPA-free 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle, and Fizz Infuser.

This next one is great for traveling with kids this Summer!

Squish, Shape and Create with New DoodleJamz

This new line of squish n’ shape drawing pads delivers a totally fun and different take on doodling! These hand-held art boards are filled with soft, squishy gel or beads to sculpt, mold, and design over any picture! Create endless original “doodles” using your fingers (or the stylus) – all without the mess! Like Wooly Willy but this won’t change when you shake it! 

With DoodleJamz JellyBoards, you can fidget and create art at the same time! It’s the color-blending fun of finger-painting with the fun of squish! DoodleJamz JellyPics takes doodling to the next level! Each DoodleJamz JellyPics comes with a two-sided emoji backer card that can be flipped back and forth to doodle different hairstyles. OR, you can print out images at home to doodle on (like your pet or your BFF) using the DoodleJamz website! You can also find DoodleJamz on Amazon!

This one is a lot of fun! I like that it is perfect for car trips! (Especially when the kids start saying, “Are we there yet?” )

Crafting is another fun thing to do with the kids this Summer!

Entertain yourself at home with Tulip Color Crafts! They offer premium products for us to create this timeless fashion trend for unique attire, art, and accessories. More than simply a ’70s vibe, tie-dye speaks to our need to feel carefree and get our hands busy crafting original patterns that are truly our own. People of all ages have been obsessed with tie-dying their clothes lately. The brand is super fun for parties, everyday crafters, and family activities. Get bold, non-toxic color in every bottle with a simple one-step process. Just add water, shake, and apply for vibrant color that lasts wash after washing. No wonder the brand is voted America’s Favorite Tie-Dye! Let your creativity shine with Tulip for the artist in all of us. I had a blast using these! So, they are definitely a must for adults too! The prices vary!

Moms still need to relax during the Summer! These are truly a must-buy!

Pantuss LLC Warming Aromatherapy Slippers

Stay comfy at home with Pantuss LLC Warming Aromatherapy Slippers! To reach ultimate desired comfort, you take out the insoles and heat them in the microwave. The dried lavender flowers and flax seeds create a calming, relaxing aroma and when you insert them back into your Pantuss slippers and slide your feet in, that is when you reach the pinnacle of relaxation. Pantuss slippers was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during a cold winter back in 2012. Pantuss’s owners, two sisters, designed their products to be a perfect combination of comfort, design, and aroma. Their aromatherapy slippers allow customers to relax at home in style and comfort. These are so comfy! They are also available for Men!

Available on Amazon

Price: women’s & men’s styles ($25-$61)

This next one is a really fun one for playing outside!

Mess-Free Color Mixing Fun With This Hypnotic Toy

Unlock Mess-Free Color Mixing Fun!

With clear skies and sunny weather on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to grab the original, imagination-expanding CMY Cube and get outside!

This enchanting sensory toy only becomes more brilliant once you get it twisting and mixing out in the sunlight.

You’ll be captivated by the myriad of colors you can create whether you’re using it for a brain break to relax or as a learning tool for science class. These really are super cool! Each face is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials that appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. As you twist and turn, it creates all-new color combinations. You can even use these to teach color mixing, light refraction, angles, and geometry!

CMY Cubes has over 8 different designs to choose from so you can mix, match, or stack to unlock all-new color combinations! I have to say that I really was impressed with this product!

Starting at $19.95 – To learn more visit 

This next one is great if you have a toddler at home!

Hape Scoot-Around Balance Bike

I’m sure if you have a Toddler at home, they love to move around! This next one is perfect for the outdoors but can also be used inside. The Hape Scoot-Around Balance Bike will keep your little one entertained! This vibrant four-wheel push bike is perfect for outdoor or in-home scuff-free riding that is sure to help strengthen muscle movement and develop good balance. The front handlebar swivel action enables kids to practice turning directions and developing gross motor skills in tandem with building their muscle strength. As children master their push-ride skills, they can practice riding and balancing on the wooden back wheels for a scooter-like experience! I would recommend it for ages 12+. Definitely don’t forget to supervise but I found it to be a safe bike. It can be found on

My last, but not least Summer Must-Have is one for the adults! So, maybe Coffee isn’t just a Summer Must-Have but it is definitely a year-round Must-Have to me! If you have been following my blog for a while, you may guess which brand will be next since it is one of my favorites!

Fire Department Coffee Blueberry Cake Donut

If you are new to my blog, introducing Fire Department Coffee! They are a veteran-owned business that’s run by firefighters who sell high-quality coffee, with proceeds donated to help first responders that have become sick or injured while on the job. Now, how cool is that?! It’s super cool! But, they also have the best coffee! I just love the variety of flavors! I used to just use my K-cup coffee maker for coffee but I actually use my coffee pot for their coffee! Even though it isn’t as quick! They recently sent me some newer flavors to try and I am in love with their Blueberry Cake Donut flavor! It’s now simply my to-go-to coffee on a daily basis!

Peach Bourbon Spirit-Infused Coffee

Now, they also have non-alcoholic alternative Spirit-Infused coffee flavors! I recently tried the Peach Bourbon flavor and I really liked it! I have to admit I never have tried Peach flavored coffee so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it is really good! Another great one to try is the Black Cherry Bourbon Spirit-Infused flavor! Both are sure to be a hit!

Black Cherry Bourbon

Find them at

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!

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