Summer Family Fun with OgoSport!

BatapultBeacher package

It’s Summer and a great time to get the family outdoors for some family fun! OgoSports have some great toys! Two of my favorites are the Batapult and the Ogo Beacher.

The design of Batapult brings a new experience to the game of baseball as well as creates the same striking force as a standard bat but with much less effort. Children ages 6+ can use the bat’s catapulting action to strike the ball and send it flying up to 200 ft. Batapult is constructed of durable plastic and comes with a dimpled polyethylene foam ball.

Since the hinging action happens above the handle, children don’t need to be as strong to swing the bat because some of the strain is alleviated, making it easier.

Batapult’s unique design moves the bat weight closer to the grip- which makes the bat feel lighter during the swing. The result is faster swings with much less effort.

They also designed a version for 3-5 year olds: Batapult Jr

I received a sample of the Batapult and I like how it is easy to use and it is fun! I think kids will like it because the ball does really fly a great distance!

I love time at the beach so the Ogo Beacher is a Must-Have!

Perfect for a blast at the beach, the Ogo Beacher is a water-resistant activity play mat that comes with four beacher soaker balls and a handy traveling tote for safe and easy storage.  The mat graphics allow people to create their own games and/or try out suggested ones such as Sand Ski Ball, Ball Block, or Color Jump.

This one is fun and great for families! I like that it comes with a traveling tote and has a water-resistant play mat. We tried this one out on our last trip to the beach and it really is a lot of fun!

Check out OgoSport for these and many more fun products!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photo Credit: OgoSport.

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