Sebastian, April 14th Pet of the Week!

Sebastian may not be the saint that his name suggests, but he’s pretty dang close. He’s a good dude and very loving. He’ll mirror your mood, so if you’re feeling cozy, he’ll snuggle under the covers with you. If you feel like a romp in the park, he’s got a ball ready to go. Hungry for a snack? He’ll share your Pringles, cookie or kale—well, maybe not the kale. He’ll try it, though! This handsome, agreeable 6-year-old boy just might be your match! The shelter is open Sundays from 11 a.m.–3 p.m; you can also make an appointment to see Sebastian and any of our other pets by emailing or calling (562) 570-4925. Our shelter is located at 7700 E. Spring St. Ask for ID#A667968 to meet Sebastian. We’re at capacity, and everyone needs homes!

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