New Dog Leash – Black – Tough Extra Long 8 Foot Lead – Double Handle for Greater Control and Safety


Looking for a leash that can be longer so you can run with your dog but can also be shorter when necessary? I really think that this dog leash by Primal Pet Gear is a Must-Have for dog owners of medium-sized and large dogs. I was actually quite surprised and impressed with how well this one works. Honestly, I really wish all dog owners (especially those with large dogs) would buy one of these. Since becoming a puppy parent, I have seen a few dog owners with larger dogs. Unfortunately, we had one try to jump my dog. Both were on leashes and the other owner had a retractable leash and could not control his dog. I honestly think that if he had this leash, it would have been much more helpful! This leash is also great for dog training since it has the two handles. One is at the end of the leash (8 ft) and one is at 1 ft from the clip. I also really love that there is soft padding on both handles. I really like the two handles because there are times when I need to slow down with my medium-sized puppy and there are other times that I love to let him have more freedom on his leash. I also like that the leash is very sturdy.

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Self Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. Any opinions expressed are my own. This product exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend. 

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