Mother’s Day with Skype!


Mother’s Day is a time for mom to relax and enjoy the day with her children. But, mom’s expectations may fall short this year. According to a new global study of Skype users conducted by Idea Lab for Microsoft, more than half (58%) of moms surveyed expect to see their children in-person, but less than half (44%) of children actually share the same plans. And, more than half (58%) of grandchildren will not see their grandmother in person.


Now that you’re a mom, you’re likely more sensitive to the importance of the day and want to be fair to the others moms in your life, but let’s face it: You want to be celebrated too!  Plus, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway with your spouse to celebrate your fabulosity but still want to see your glowing baby’s face, (so that no one judges you!) drop him or her off with grandma and grandpa for the weekend…and then let them call you  on Mother’s Day from their smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV!  Skype just announced last week that group video calling is free so you can join your own mom AND your inlaws (and whoever is watching your baby) all at once.  The more, the merrier…and the quicker you get the whole job done at once!

According to internationally-recognized parenting expert, Babble blogger and busy mom of two Jeannette Kaplun, technology, like Skype, makes it completely possible to spends some quality time with your own mother and mother-in-law without sacrificing your entire day. Here are few quick ideas:


  • You’re a new mom.  There’s little time to go buy a store-bought card let alone take a shower!  Plus, who wants to deal with that installing the car seat for a short ride?  Rather than a store-bought greeting card for your inlaws , create a personalized one just for her with special photos of you and your newborn together. Share the file with her via IM while you are video chatting, and watch her surprise and delight. You won’t even have to leave your house to make the magic!
  • Grandma definitely expects to see her pride and joy on Mother’s Day but you don’t necessarily want to spend your (now) limited funds or time on airfare or a road trip.  Enlist your kids to help out!  Since younger kids don’t always like to speak, have them sing a song.  Or, if you have a newborn, you can sing the song and make your baby dance in front of the camera. Use the Skype app on your Smart TV to do a video call, and have your kids do a special dance routine to their favorite music for grandma. If you don’t own a Smart TV, simply use your tablet, smartphone or computer.


  • You can also send a Skype gift card so it’s easy for mom connect with you on Mother’s Day, and any day. Once done, go back to you own celebration.


  •  Take a virtual walk down memory lane. With a baby on your arm, you don’t have time to scrapbook or make things all nice and pretty!  Quickness is key!  Create a photo album of special moments you’ve spent with your mom or mother in law. Upload and share it on OneDrive , then reminisce with your mom or mother in law on a voice or video call.



Self Disclosure: I will be receiving a free Skype card to facilitate this feature but I only post features that I believe are good for my readers. Credit: Skype.


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