It’s time for Holiday Gift Suggestions!

It’s that time of year again! Here are some of my favorite gift suggestions for the upcoming holidays! Actually, the first one would be perfect for before Christmas!

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Advent Calendar – Christmas Manger (70259): 

Create the story of Christmas with the 1.2.3 Advent Calendar – Christmas Manger. With a bright and colorful design and large, rounded pieces, this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Stage 2 – First Challenge set will help your toddler develop language and social skills as they play out this classic Christmas tale.  The calendar contains twenty-four surprise items leading up to Christmas. Set includes six figures, manger with star, horse, cow, sheep, and other accessories. 

Available: Now   Perfect for ages: 1 ½ – 4 years

Retailer:   Retail Price: $24.99 Amazon

Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment’s Game Night In A Can celebrates its 5th successful year with a special edition of the hit game.

Game Night In A Can – 5th Anniversary (MSRP $22.99 for ages 7+) is a brand-new shiny gold edition with all new magical art, gold, silver, and bronze medals, and 35 party-starting games of creativity and skill.

I really like this one because it is fun for the whole family! (Ages 7+)

who loves coffee?? I do!

This next one is sure to be a hit with coffee lovers!

Chances are you have some serious coffee drinkers on your holiday gift list. Wouldn’t it be nice to make them happy (SO happy!) and introduce them to the newest trend in specialty coffee at the same time?

For thoughtful gift ideas that check all the boxes, look no further than Steeped Coffee ( The innovative startup is committed to premium coffee, convenience, and environmental stewardship in equal measure. So when you introduce the coffee lovers in your life to Steeped, it’s a win-win for them and the planet. It’s also Eco-friendly! Now, how cool is that? I tried them and love the flavor!

Kids love bubbles and this next product is sure to be a hit! To create a safer and healthier space for the kids without interrupting the fun that every kid deserves, the American Bubble Company came up with the first-ever eco-friendly sustainable bubble system that uses a non-toxic bubble solution made in the USA – The Bubble Tree. A brand dedicated to changing the way we play with bubbles forever. In addition, the refillable bubble system saves parents money by not having to repurchase a bubble wand and container when they run out the first time. 


For over 70 years, bubbles have all been created equal until now. American Bubble Company and Bubble Tree’s mission is to create eco-friendly, sustainable products made in the United States. Their goal is to eliminate one-time-use plastic bubble bottles that currently saturate the current market. Bubble Tree is the very first patent-pending, eco-friendly, and sustainable bubble system made in the USA. The original refillable bubble system features the first manufactured aluminum bubble bottle and a refill box made of corrugated, entirely recyclable.  

Each year, more than 300 million one-time-use plastic bubble bottles are imported to the United States. Many will contain bubble solutions from foreign countries with formulas and ingredients that often fall below the safety, sustainability, and quality levels that modern American consumers demand. Bubble Tree’s mission is to enhance bubble safety and solve plastic pollution, waste, and the overuse of one-time-use plastic bottles.   

Bubble Tree’s packaging is made from aluminum, the most recyclable and sustainable material on earth, and 100% recyclable corrugated. By eliminating single-use plastic, they are helping the environment reduce plastic pollution. 

Bubble Tree Bubbles can be purchased online ( and in retailers across the country. 

Looking for a gift for Mom or a friend? They are sure to love these candles! They smell soo good!


Price: $39.00

Nothing sets a more comforting mood than lighting up your favorite candle. Fill your home with scents that instantly make you feel a sense of luxury and wonder where you can start planning your next adventure. Each hand-poured creation is elegantly packaged with a corresponding handwritten note included in the box. The beautiful slow-burn wax creates very little pooling, reducing the need to relight used wax or generating additional smoke. Enjoy 55 hours of burn time for each candle with 100% cotton wicks designed for the style of each glass vessel. I received the Tahiti fragrance and love it!

Photo Credit: Posted.

Looking for a gift for your toddler? How about a really cool hat?

You have to check out Posted, a new youth hat company for boys and girls aged 6 months to 10 years. Founded by sisters, who are both moms, the company’s goal is to create stylish hats for kids that inspire families to enjoy the outdoors together.

Posted is passionate about creating memorable family experiences, and looking cute while doing it doesn’t hurt.‍ Giving back is also a passion. For each hat sold, Posted donates $1 to the  State Parks Foundation, with the recognition of how important parks are for our children and future generations.

To learn more about Posted visit To shop hats visit

Stay tuned! Our next holiday gift guide posts next week! Happy Holidays!

Self Disclosure: I received samples of the above products. Images were also provided to be featured in this holiday gift suggestion post.

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