Is the Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet the Right Choice for You?

The most important thing your baby needs in those first few months of his or her life is uninterrupted, sound sleep in his/her small space bassinet.

Aside from periodic doses of milk, a newborn requires 16 hours of sleep in order to grow and stay healthy. Meaning that your young one spends more hours sleeping than being awake in the first few weeks of its life.

Needless to say, preparing your baby’s bed is an essential part of welcoming the little one. Even when they are not asleep, your baby needs to be tucked in warmly inside a compact bassinet.

The Fisher-Price Rock with Me bassinet is a prime example of a great bassinet. Not only is it perfect for providing your baby with the warmth and comfort that it needs to remain sleeping for hours, but it also is the perfect home to your baby even when they are awake.

The bassinet is especially designed to keep your bundle of joy safe so you can go about your work while monitoring your baby from afar.

The Rock with Me bassinet is a multi-feature bassinet that is perfect for your baby. Still on the fence about getting this bassinet?

Well, lets look at a few features of the bassinet to see just what makes it so great.

Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet Reviews & Features

Lets start with pro and cons of the bassinet

PortableRocking abilityComfortable sleeping spaceMesh sides  Not suitable for babies over 12 monthsMay need extra padding.  

1.) Sturdy yet lightweight structure:

The bassinet itself is made out of extremely sturdy material. The metal structure that holds the sleeping surface is lightweight yet solid. Despite weighing a mere 7.5 pounds, the bassinet can hold a weight of up to 25 pounds. This means that your baby can sleep in the bassinet for a full year.

Being extremely lightweight and small in size makes it easy to carry around the bassinet as well. It is portable and  you can easily move the bassinet from one room to another without  breaking a sweat. You need not get a separate bassinet for your baby’s nursery since you can simply bring the Rock with Me bassinet anywhere. It folds completely flat which is great for storage.

2.) Comfortable sleeping surface:

The Rock with Me bassinet has a large, flat surface for your baby to snuggle on. The mattress is padded enough to make it comfortable for your baby to sleep in soundly. The fitted bedsheet is pure cotton as recommended by pediatricians around the world.

The components that make up the sleeping surface are machine washable so it is convenient to keep the bassinet and clean and hygienic at all times. You can simply swaddle up your baby and lay him//her flat for a nap in the Rock with Me bassinet.

3.) Mesh sides allow for ventilation:

The mesh sides of the bassinet perform a dual function.  This make the bassinet itself extremely lightweight and a breeze to fold, so much so that a single person can fold and unfold the bassinet in a matter of seconds, and it allows for air to pass through freely. Doctors recommend that bassinets or cribs must be well-ventilated to prevent breathing issues for babies, who already have really small nostrils. The mesh makes it possible for maximum air entering the bassinet and leaving it, assisting your baby’s breathing.

Another major advantage is that the mesh sides make it possible for you to  keep an eye on your baby at all times, even if you are at a distance. You can rest assured that your baby will be well and safe inside the Fisher-Price Rock with me bassinet.

4.) The rock ‘n’ play capability is suitable for calming your baby:

This is main feature of the bassinet that truly sets it apart from other bassinets in the market. The rocking features enables you to soothe your baby inside the bassinet, it prevents you from the hassle of picking up your baby. Since the rocking motion is triggered manually, this gives you complete control over the speed and duration of rocking. You can easily switch off the rocking mechanism so that the bassinet becomes completely stationary.

There is also a mirror and a linkable toy to help provide your baby with stimuli so they are able make use of their senses and become increasingly curious about the world around them. The Rock with Me bassinet is an excellent bed for your baby and doubles up as a perfect playpen for infants.

Final Verdict:

It is true that choosing a bassinet for your little one is no easy task. There are plenty of options in every price range. When it comes to making that decision, the sky is the limit. But when it comes to getting a great bassinet that fits your budget, is portable, safe, and comforts your baby, then the Fisher-Price Rock with Me bassinet is definitely a great buy.

A well-rounded bassinet that will provide your baby with comfort and hours of happiness, the Rock with Me combines a number of desirable features that make it an excellent choice. Add it to your baby’s nursery or make it a secondary bassinet in the family room, the options are endless.


  1. Oh it’s a very cute bassinet. I am waiting for my daughter to appear and I am looking for something tender. In my opinion, this cradle is perfect for us. I am also attracted by the fact that it can be used for up to 12 months, while all the other bassinets that I have seen are used for up to 5-6 months.

    • We bought this bassinet and never regretted it. She is already comfortable. Our baby loves to sleep there. Therefore, I advise you to choose this bassinet, you definitely will not regret it!

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