How to create a restaurant quality Valentine’s Day meal at home is easy with Whole Foods Market!

Sometimes the best – and easiest – romantic candlelit dinners may not be in a restaurant. I mean….really..sometimes restaurants are overly crowded and a meal at home is a great ideal! Maybe Dinner isn’t your favorite meal! Maybe, it is Breakfast! I know I love breakfast in bed! Shopping at Whole Foods Market makes meal planning super easy!

Here are some great ideas and recipes from the culinary pros at Whole Foods Market.


I went shopping at Whole Foods Market, and can’t wait to bake these Mini Yogurt Tea Breads for the upcoming holiday!

Here are some great tips to check out:


  • Five-star-worthy surf and turf for half the price: For prime flavor, opt for dry-aged steaks. Whole Foods Market’s butchers take the most prized cuts of beef and age them
    in-house for 21 days in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment. This process reduces the moisture content for a concentrated, robust flavor and a very tender final cut.In other words, pretty fool-proof. Whole Foods Market’s lobster tails and crab legs are also a delicious (and sustainable) choice. Both can be simply steamed and served with drawn butter for a shockingly simple but impressive dinner.
  • Enjoy the vino for a fraction of the cost, and pair like a pro – Restaurant markup for beer and wine is usually upwards of 200-300 percent, so you can get a significantly better bottle for less at the grocery store. For seafood dishes, try De Chanceny Cremant de Loire Rosé Brut, a lively pink sparkler that’s perfect for the holiday. For red meat dishes, pair Globerati French Cabernet Sauvignon, a medium-bodied red with juicy black currant and earthy pepper spice. Whole Foods Market’s wine specialists can also help you pick the best bottle for your dish.
  • Undetectable store-bought shortcuts – Many Whole Foods Market stores will steam fresh crab and crack the shells for you, so you can save your cutie from cracking duty. Or check the bakery department for fresh chocolate-covered strawberries. Serve them on a pretty plate at home and your Valentine will think you hand-dipped these sweet treats. The Bakery has some great choices. I love the little Tarts!  I don’t think that I can even walk into Whole Foods Market without checking out the Bakery.


  • Shuck it – Whole Foods Market offers the highest quality, fresh oysters at a fraction of restaurant prices, and offers local varieties in many regions. Our fishmongers will shuck themfor you at no charge. Shoppers will also find the Responsibly Farmed logo on all farmed mollusks at Whole Foods Market (oysters, mussels, clams and scallops), which ensures our quality standards are being met.
  • Say cheese – A good rule of thumb for a nice, balanced cheese plate is to choose four different cheeses made with different milks – goat, sheep, cow and a classic blue or alpine style cheese. When in doubt, ask your local Whole Foods Market experts. We employ the largest amount of Certified Cheese Professionals (over 300) in the country.
  • Don’t forget flowers– Restaurant details like fresh flowers go a long way at home too. Classic roses are always sweet, especially when you opt for Whole Trade® blooms from Whole Foods Market, which means your blooms are sweeter on the planet and farm workers, too.

I love the flowers I find at Whole Foods Market!

Here are my favorite Breakfast recipes from our friends at Whole Foods Market:

Cupid’s Arrow Breakfast:


Cauliflower and parsley omelet for two 

Mini yogurt tea breads

Cherry rooibos steeped grapefruit

I am also going to attempt to make this delicious Omelet this weekend!

Check out Whole Foods Market for your Valentine’s Day Menu planning this week!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Self Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase products to facilitate this special Valentine’s Day post. No other compensation was received. 



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