Have Fun This Summer with These Must-Have Toys!

Summer is almost officially here! The kids will have fun with these toys!

sooo much fun!

Vango #UpsideDownChallenge Backyard Edition MSRP $29.99 | Ages 8+ | Available on Amazon This summer, game night is about to be flipped upside down! Players attempt to complete seemingly easy activities such as tossing a ball into a cup, stacking cups into a pyramid or even just walking through an obstacle course made out of rings while wearing goggles that flip your vision upside down. It’s fantastic for game night, backyard barbecues, and picnics and will create hours of laughter and entertainment!  This is so much fun at family get-togethers!

Perfect for the teens and for all music fans!

Jumbo Group Hitster MSRP $19.99 | Ages 16+ | Available on Target 

Take a trip down memory lane with 300 hits from the last 100 years. By scanning a card with the free app, players take turns guessing the release date, artist name and song title to build their music timeline! Everything from AC/DC to Bruce Springsteen to Harry Styles and Backstreet Boys, the game play is simple but a ton of fun! First with a timeline of 10 songs wins! Moms and Dads will even love this one!

Kids will have so much fun building!

Squaregles Building Set | MSRP $44.99- $89.99 | Ages 3+ | Available on Amazon & Squaregles.com You’ll get the chance to build and explore with one of their popular building sets all summer long! Build, then race the Oggs cars or doodle your own pictures on the paperboard panels and add them to the build! Take it outside and build on the deck or driveway, or even bring them along to the playground! The magnetic frames stick to the playset for even more building adventures! This will keep younger kids entertained this Summer!

Perfect for Summer!

PLAYMOBIL Camping Playsets | MSRP $14.99 – $29.99 | Ages 4 – 10 | Available on Amazon and Playmobil.com

Have some real . . and imaginative fun – with these new summertime themes including Barbeque, Camping with Campfire, and Mountain Bike Tour. My favorite is the Camping set!

The BBQ set is cool too!
Aren’t the Seahorses cute? I love their colors!

PLAYMOBIL – Mermaids Sea Horse Carriage | MSRP $29.99| Ages 4+ | Available on Amazon

Seahorses pull and guide a carriage through the water, perfect for little mermaids who want to take a break from swimming! Kids use their imagination passing colorful coral reef and fellow sea creatures! Includes two PLAYMOBIL mermaids, baby seahorse, starfish shells and more beautifully detailed accessories.

This next one is perfect for young children and travels this Summer!


Bumpas Mushies MSRP $14.99 | Ages 3+ | Available May on Amazon & MyBumpas.com

Stretch, Pop, and Hug with Bumpas™ Mushies: a soft, comfortable, and squishy plush doll with extendable and retractable long arms and legs! This plush toy is the perfect size to take on trips as your kids little companion and also a great MESH toy that eases travel anxiety and antsy kids!

Happy Summer!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples of the above products to facilitate this post. Images and information were also provided.

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