Whether you travel by train, plane or public transportation for work or pleasure this cold and flu season, chances are you will end up sitting or standing with people who are coughing,  sneezing and spreading their germs through the “air you share.” These are all “Halo Moments.”  Curious to know what that means? Enter new, clinically-proven HaloTM Oral Antiseptic Spray.  

While you can’t live your life in a bubble to stay germ free, you can protect yourself and your family from airborne germs with new HaloTM, the first ever patent-pending oral antiseptic spray that is clinically proven to kill airborne germs you breathe in.  Halo is scientifically proven to kill 99.9 percent of infectious germs, including a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, such as rhinovirus (the virus that causes the common cold), influenza and H1N1. With just three easy sprays into the mouth (it comes in several flavors), Halo will protect you from the Air You Share for up to six hours so you can breathe easy and avoid the worry of those “Halo Moments.”

Interesting Facts and Additional HaloTM Oral Antiseptic Product Facts

 ·         75% of daycares, 33% of medical offices and 67% of airplanes have enough airborne viruses to infect someone in one hour

  • ·         On an average day, you take about 17,280 breaths – this wouldn’t be an issue if we didn’t spend 90% of our time indoors (in other words, there are over 17,000 opportunities a day to breathe in other people’s airborne germs)
  • ·         HaloTM Oral Antiseptic Spray is an FDA-monographed oral antiseptic
  • ·         The results from independent scientific studies and clinical trials on Halo’s efficacy have been accepted for presentation at and publication by the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), two of the leading medical societies in the United States
  • ·         University Hospitals Case Medical Center Department of Pathology (Cleveland, OH) tested Halo against 11 strains of Whooping Cough (Bordetella pertussis), and Halo completely killed all 11 strains 
  • ·         Halo Oral Antiseptic Spray is portable and perfect for travel (1 fl. oz. size adheres to TSA regulations for carry-on luggage or purse)
  • ·         HaloTM Children’s (for children aged two and up) is available in a great tasting grape flavor
  • ·         Adults have the option of Halo in berry and citrus flavors
  • ·         Halo is alcohol, dye and sugar-free

New Halo Oral Antiseptic Spray is now in the cough and cold aisle at CVS, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, Kmart and other mass market and drug stores nationwide.  Suggested retail price is $12.99. For more information and to see how it works, visit www.halogermdefense.com.

I received both the Adult and the Children’s Sprays to review and what I like is that it’s portable and can be used anytime and anywhere. It does not contain alcohol and is sugar-free. Besides, it really seems to work! We haven’t yet tried the children’s but I’m sure we will be using it this cold and flu season!

Would you like to try the Adult version for yourself?  Can you recall a recent “Halo Moment?” Were you on the bus, train, treadmill, at work, etc., where you now wish you had Halo Oral Antiseptic Spray? Tell us by connecting with Halo onFacebook (www.facebook.com/halogermdefenseto share your “Halo Moment” or Tweet@HaloGermDefense your Halo Moment #airyoushare and also tell us about your “Halo Moment” by leaving a comment below! One winner will be randomly be selected from all entries! Deadline to enter is November 6th, 2012.



  1. Every time we have to visit the doctor I think about picking up a new bug. This would be a fantastic option providing 6 hours of protection. Sounds great.

  2. Congrats K! 🙂

  3. Thank you! I look forward to trying this.

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