Everything you need to know before choosing a new mattress

Buying a mattress can be a real choir.

There are lots of things that you need to know in advance and considering the importance of the product, it is really easy to make a mistake. Not only does a mattress affect your comfort but can also have a positive (or a negative) impact on your health.

This is precisely why you have to learn some basics prior to making a purchase.

Just by getting informed a bit, you significantly reduce the chance of making a mistake. So, without any further ado, check out this article and learn more about mattresses! If you want to go a bit deeper, check these awesome mattress reviews!

Is it the right time to make a change?

Buying a mattress can be a hefty investment. In the end, some of them may cost more than 1,500 dollars!

This is why you have to ask yourself: “Do I really need to change it right now?”

Most mattresses will serve their purpose in the first 8 years; some of them can last even longer. However, given the number of products and product types, no one can tell you with certainty when is the right time to make a change. You are the one that has to make that assessment.

Given that mattresses are functional items you have to focus on your sleep. Do you have a problem sleeping? Do you feel uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, then make sure to change the item.

Assessing various product types

There are various types of mattresses on the market and oftentimes people get confused as to what to get. Innerspring (coils) are a traditional choice for providing lots of support but also being a bit stiff. They are great value for money but there are perhaps better options on the market. Foam, on the other hand, provides lots of contour, it gives a unique feel but also tends to heat up rather quickly. There is also latex which is similar to foam in many ways. Lastly, there are various hybrids and some other intriguing choices.

Consider the budget

 As previously mentioned, mattresses can be quite costly so this is one of the things you definitely have to consider beforehand.

Lots of medium-tier mattresses cost between 800 to 1000 dollars. But, if you wish to buy something more lavishing, you might as well go for the options that are more than 1000 dollars.

While there are also mattresses costing less than 500 dollars, we wouldn’t recommend them. They are almost always of lower quality and sometimes even toxic. In fact, buying a more expensive mattress may even prove to be a cheaper long-term solution.

However, keep in mind that the price is not always the reflection of quality. That is, a cheaper mattress will not always be worse than the more expensive one. Still, these price ranges are a good way to orient yourself.

What is the right firmness?

First of all, we have to make a distinction between firmness and support. While support refers to the way mattress supports your back, firmness actually refers to how soft a product is.

There is a range of 1 to 10 which is used to measure the firmness of an item. Most users prefer those that are between 5 and 7. This is due to the fact that your weight, sleeping position and body type determine what kind of firmness you need. In that sense, if you’re between 5 and 7, you most likely have an average weight and size.

Before deciding on a particular firmness, you might even want to consult with your doctor. People who have back pain need to be aware of the situation and to choose a product methodically.

What is your sleeping position?

There are 3 main sleeping positions: on the back, on the side and on the stomach.

It is very important to choose a mattress according to your sleeping position. For example, people who are sleeping on their sides find firmness from 3 to 6 to be ideal. Back sleepers love firmness from 4 to 7 while stomach sleepers from 5 to 7.

Again, take this with a grain of salt. In the end, you should always go with a product that feels right for you.

Weight and body type as factors

 Besides sleeping position, weight and body type need to be considered.

Whether or not a mattress is good enough for you, depends on weight and size. People with larger frame require more support to be comfortable enough.


With all these tips, you are ready to make your first mattress purchase.

Take your time, don’t rush and explore different options. Make sure to get a product that you’ll be comfortable with and at the same time, that will provide enough support to your back.


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