Back-to-School with Hallmark!

When we think about Back-to-School, we often think of buying new school clothes and school supplies. But, there really is another important thing to keep in mind! Back-to-School can be an overwhelming transition for both adults and children. It would be very helpful to add “confidence” and “encouragement” on the list next to all those ordinary back-to-school supplies.  Children need positive reinforcement and emotional support and sometimes that really can make all the difference in how they do academically.  What can you do? Remember that words really matter and that building  your child’s confidence is important. Hallmark can help you stack kids up with the support they need to refuel their emotional well being as they head back to class this school year. I received a Hallmark’s Back-to-School care Package, which included:

  • A pack of Hallmark’s Kids Collection greeting cards, which feature kid-appropriate topics from managing difficult academic or social situations, to achieving a personal goal in the classroom or on the field.
  • A few of Hallmark’s “any day” greeting cards for kids, featuring music sensation Justin Bieber.
  • Lunchbox Notes, which offer 50 ways for you to add a little love to lunchtime.
  • Bug’Em, a pint-sized plush that can hold cards and other tokens of encouragement and give an unexpected lift to any youngster’s day.


The Bug ’em is great for adding little treats and notes of encouragement. It is just the perfect size too! There are awesome cards for every occasion from a big test day to simply have a great school year. My favorite are the Lunch Notes For Kids. The perfect size to pack in your child’s lunchbox! 50 ways to add a little love to lunchtime-there really is no better way to tell your child how special they are! Check out the Hallmark website, to see all these products and more.

Yes! Hallmark has teamed up with us for a Back-to-School Giveaway!! You must be a subscriber to enter! Then simply leave a comment below telling us the words and/or phrases you use to encourage your kids! Deadline to enter is August 30th, 2012 at 12 pm. One winner will randomly be selected from all entries! Good luck!


  1. The words I find myself saying the most are “you can do it”

  2. Donna Evans says

    Guess it would be “great Job” and “keep trying”. I tell each of my grandchildren that all I expect out of them is to be average and to try their hardest.

  3. Linda Thurber says

    Show up and study.

  4. “Just Do it” Get it done and then you can relax. This especially refers to homework.

  5. Victoria Teabo says

    This is an awesome giveaway. It is great that you make these offers

  6. Victoria Teabo says

    the words I offer are you are awesome and you can do it

  7. Personally I dont have any children but I know a few kids that are anxious for school and others not so anxious.. I would like to be able to cheer a 14 year old up by sending her the supplies she likes Peeps and Hallmark!

  8. Have a great day and I love you.

  9. I love you, remember to be kind to everyone today at school!

  10. When we’re apart we talk about sending “love bubbles” to each other for support.

  11. “Keep trying!” “Do your best!” “You can do and be anything you want.” “you are awesome” and “I love you always!”

  12. Carmen Van Deursen says

    Stay focused and have fun

  13. Giveaway has ended! 🙂 Winner will be announced in newsletter this weekend!

  14. Carmen Van Deursen says

    Thank you for selecting me as your winner my kids are going to love these love notes from me!

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