Back-to-School Must-Have for College Students!

Safety is important!

With kids being away from home, for perhaps the first time, it is important for them to know how to protect themselves on campus and off and what to do if they are in certain situations. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, it is it is not enough to just tell them to not drink and drive. With recent attacks on students and more being reported every year, it is important to provide tips and products to keep college students safe.

David Nance, second generation CEO of SABRE safety products and personal safety expert, has tips to protect students in every situation.

As a college student, safety should always be a top priority. That’s why SABRE offers the best pepper spray and other personal safety devices to help you feel more secure on campus. They also provide access to hundreds of videos and educational material. In addition, the SABRE College Safety Program provides personal defense training to help students stay safe both on & off campus. Watch this video to learn how our course educates and empowers.

SABRE offers a variety of personal safety products, from pepper sprays and gels, dog and bear sprays, and home security devices, all of which include innovative features to perform at the highest level at a moment’s notice, helping provide safety and peace of mind no matter where the day takes you.

The SABRE Back to School Bundle is PERFECT for any college student.

SABRE products are the most trusted by public safety officers worldwide. Our industry-leading certification and testing maximize safety and product effectiveness and our safety training and empowerment videos and classes help consumers and officers go confidently. And SABRE is proudly dedicated to supporting 501(c)3 charities that align with our mission to help Make It Safe.

“SABRE’s personal safety tools are designed to work immaculately in a worst-case scenario, but equipping one’s self with the right spray, whistle, home or travel device is knowing that your safety is in your hands. For commuting, traveling, nighttime outings, on-campus strolls, hiking in the woods, walking in the city, and much more, SABRE creates peace of mind,” said David Nance, CEO and son of SABRE’s founder Larry Nance.

As a leader in its industry for nearly 50 years, taking control of personal safety is SABRE’s specialty. Its tools are crafted for convenience and security for the user from all angles, including practice sprays to help individuals feel completely ready.

SABRE security tools are available on Amazon and at retail locations such as pharmacies and outdoor/sports products are sold. To find a location nearby, visit SABRE online.

I had the opportunity to try the products out and their products really make me feel safer when I am out in the early evening walking my dog.

For more information visit SABRE online and follow them on social media.

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Images and information were also provided.

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