5 Spots You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

Cleaning your home may appear a fairly self- explanatory procedure. However, it is a process that will require you to first make a plan if you want to ensure all the places are attended. If you think you cannot tackle the entire home cleaning process by yourself, it is ideal you consider hiring any reliable cleaner in your area.

When cleaning your house, if you are in a rush or cleaning for last- minute guests, you can easily forget to attend to some places. Whether you hire cleaning services, or do it yourself, this write- up will discuss about some common spots people normally forget to attend when cleaning their homes.

Cleaning the Ceiling Fans

Unless you are living in a place that frequently experience warm climate or you are making use of your ceiling fan daily, you can easily overlook such place when cleaning your home. The blades of the ceiling can collect dirt and dust, most especially when they are not being used for long time periods.

When cleaning your home, getting rid of dust present in your ceiling fan blades is an ideal way of reducing the possibility of contracting dust- related allergies.

Cleaning experts from simplymaids Sydney says that one of the appropriate ways of cleaning a ceiling fan is sliding an old pillow case over every blade and then carefully removing it in order to avoid spilling dust.


Small, hand- held electronic items or electronic devices in general, which you touch daily are often hotspots for germs. It is easy to forget wiping down your television remote, computer keyboard or cell phone.

Be informed that keeping these items clean can assist you prevent germs from spreading, most especially during flu and cold season.


Door Knobs, Light Switches or Small Appliances in General

Items you normally touch on a daily basis should be treated like the other highly- trafficked areas of your house. Ensure you keep germs away by properly cleaning door knobs and light switches.

When you are doing a clean sweep, do not forget to also carefully clean small appliances such as the microwave, coffee maker as well as garbage disposal.


Cleaning Supplies

You probably use cleaning supplies when scrubbing different spots of your house. Some cleaning supplies that we normally forget to clean include cleaning cloths, sponges, toilet brush, feather duster, vacuum cleaner among other things.

Be assured that once you’ve cleaned all the cleaning supplies and sanitized them, they will definitely get your house much cleaner.


Tooth Brush Holder

One of the places that can turn out to be a breeding ground for the germs is the toothbrush holder. When you are cleaning your bathroom, make sure you rinse out properly and wipe down your soap dish and toothbrush holder(s).


Bottom Line

Be informed that a thorough cleanup process will make sure that you and your family members do not contract germ related disorders. It is also a process that will make your house not only attractive and appealing to you and your family members but also to the guests who will come visiting you.

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