The Top 3 Home Cleaning Tools We Can’t Live Without

We’ve heard this quote time and again, “a clean home is a happy home.” Well, we couldn’t agree more! A clean and well-sanitized home result in more peace and harmony plus the family’s health is safeguarded as well.


Let’s admit it, we all have our favorite home cleaning tools which make cleaning time less arduous. But to be fair, here’s a round-up of the top three home cleaning tools that most of us can’t live without.


  1.  A pair of disposable gloves

Cleaning all those dirt and grime in your home can bring joy and satisfaction especially if your hands are protected well. A pair of disposable gloves is your perfect cleaning buddy as it protects your hands from dryness and also if you’re tackling not-so-pleasant areas like the toilet. You can discard it in a sanitary way after you are done with the cleaning, your house is sparkling clean and most of all, your hands stay supple and smooth. Well, that is definitely a bonus!


  1.  A reliable vacuum cleaner

Dust is every house cleaner’s mortal enemy especially if it has built up over time on carpets, rugs, furniture and in areas around the house. If not removed properly, dust can cause health problems, and some people are easily allergic to it, especially children. Having a reliable vacuum cleaner, especially the upright and handy ones, is a big help in sucking up dust, grime, dirt and even strands of human and pet hair in your home. Opt for a brand that is known for exceptional quality and offers a good warranty. To check out what’s the best vacuum cleaner brand for you, learn more on here you can gather essential information on durable brands that are available in the market nowadays. Investing in a vacuum cleaner is worth every cent, that’s for sure.


  1.  A durable sponge scrub

A sponge scrub is undeniably a very essential home cleaning tool because of its versatility. It can be used not only in the kitchen area to clean the dishes, pots, and pans but in every imaginable nook in the house, too. There are a variety of brands in the market today that offer sponge scrubs, and it’s like having the power of two in one great product. These are not just versatile and easy to rinse but also provide scratch-free cleaning, long-lasting and very absorbent. It’s surprising to know that there are many types of sponges and these include cellulose, abrasive, natural and dry sponges. A cellulose sponge comes in bright colors, inexpensive and very absorbent. An abrasive sponge works best on pots and pans, a natural sponge comes from the ocean and great for cleaning windows and washing large spills but quite expensive, while a dry sponge is meant to clean surfaces that cannot withstand moisture and water like wallpapered walls.


Cleaning your home becomes an enjoyable and worry-free experience if you’ve got essential home cleaning tools to assist you. A pair of disposable gloves lets you clean with abandon while protecting your hands. A reliable vacuum cleaner eliminates dust, dirt, and grime in a wink of an eye while a durable sponge scrub will leave your dishes, pots, pans and even tiles so squeaky clean with just a few swipes. So, whoever said that home cleaning is a form of punishment? With these home cleaning tools around, you can’t wait for the next general cleaning day!


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