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Irvine Ranch Conservancy Celebrates National Public Lands Day September 28th

Register for stewardship programs and learn how to give back to the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks 

Irvine Ranch Conservancy (IRC) is celebrating the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks and its stewardship programs during the month of September, in honor of National Public Lands Day on September 28. Held on the fourth Saturday in September, National Public Lands Day is an opportunity for the community to connect with nature through service.

National Public Lands Day is the largest single-day volunteer effort for America’s public lands. Nature lovers throughout Orange County can give back to the local environment and learn how volunteering can have a direct impact on natural surroundings during year-round stewardship activities offered by Irvine Ranch Conservancy and its partners and volunteers through

“Irvine Ranch Conservancy is grateful for the dedicated volunteers and partners who share a love for the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks and give their time to enhance these natural resources,” said Dave Raetz, Irvine Ranch Conservancy Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. “IRC volunteers made a significant impact by donating 41,500 hours in 2018, helping our team achieve our goals. National Public Lands Day is the perfect opportunity for the community to learn more about how they can help keep these natural resources thriving all year long.”

In celebration of National Public Lands Day, Irvine Ranch Conservancy will host a social media countdown starting September 23 through September 27. IRC will highlight a restoration project or volunteer fact each day leading up to National Public Lands Day. To follow along and learn more about restoration projects and activities happening on the open space, “Like” Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Visitors are invited to give back to the Landmarks during National Public Lands Day at Upper Newport Bay on Saturday, September 28 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Join OC Parks staff at Upper Newport Bay and participate in a variety of service activities including clearing trails, habitat restoration, pulling weeds and picking up trash along the Bay.

Stewardship, fitness, and interpretive programs are available on the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks throughout the year in the City of Irvine, the City of Newport Beach and throughout OC Parks, and welcome a wide variety of ages, interests, and skill levels. Rewarding volunteer opportunities are available to nature lovers, youth organizations, and corporations with advanced registration.

A complete list of all stewardship programs offered on the Landmarks can be found here, or click the links below for upcoming activities. 

  • Nurture the Bommer Canyon Nature Garden on Thursday, September 19 from 9 – 11 a.m. invites volunteers to keep the Native Nature Garden healthy by removing weeds and trimming back vegetation growth. This activity is perfect for local residents with a green thumb or those who enjoy spending time in the garden.
  • Inner-Coastal & Watershed Clean-Up Day at Peters Canyon on Saturday, September 21 from 9 – 11 a.m. will keep Peters Canyon clean as volunteers help pick-up trash along the trails. Participants will help keep the 340 acres of coastal sage scrub, riparian, freshwater marsh and grassland habitats healthy for visitors to enjoy.

Most docent-led stewardship programs on the Landmarks are free and open to the public with required pre-registration. No experience is necessary, and all tools and training are provided. Volunteers should bring water, sunscreen, and a light snack. For more information on the Landmarks and stewardship programs, visit

Credit: Irvine Ranch Conservancy.

5 tips to having a great girl’s weekend with friends

We all love to have a good time with our friends. It feels good to catch up on the latest happenings, share ideas, and just have fun. Unfortunately, due to work and other commitments, meeting up with friends regularly may not be easy. The best way to do it is to organize weekend meetups, when most people are free. To help you make such meetups fun and memorable, here are 5 tips to having a great girl’s weekend with friends. 

1. Plan your destination ahead of time 

For you to have an amazing time out with the girls, you need to plan. One of the things you should plan about is the destination. Have an online chat with your friends and choose a destination. Once you agree on one, choose a means of transport. If you decide to fly to your destination, make arrangements early for everyone to get their tickets. Alternatively, if you decide to travel to your destination by road, you can get in touch with a charter bus company for a vehicle that is customized to your needs.

2. Choose a dress code

To make the weekend getaway even more fun, have a dress code for the event. This will create an element of unity. It will also set you and your girls apart from the crowd wherever you go. Besides, an outstanding dress code can be part of the chit-chat even as you engage on many other issues. It’s all about keeping the atmosphere as happy and fun-filled as possible. 

3. Pre-order everyone’s favorite drink

If you plan to spend the weekend out of your usual places, then it would be best to pre-order everyone’s drink. It would be unfair to have some friends miss out on the fun because their favorite drinks are not on the menu. To ensure that drinks don’t down the event, you can have everyone pre-order their drinks for the weekend getaway. Alternatively, you can pool resources, and have one person do all the orders ahead of the meetup. It all boils down to which method is most efficient.

4. Work out the accommodation 

If you intend to spend the entire weekend together, you need to work out the accommodation. If it will be an outdoor getaway, organize for tents or sleeping bags early. On the other hand, if you intend to spend the night in hotels, you can book early. You don’t want a situation where you get stranded trying to find a room when hotels are fully booked. 

5. Everyone should be up to speed all through

Planning a getaway or any other event is not easy. Everyone needs to be in the loop up to the very last minute. You don’t want a situation where D-Day arrives, and some people have no idea of what to do, or where to start. This can easily throw even the best-planned meetups off-balance. All through the planning, everyone should be aware of where they will be picked up, the time it will happen, and such issues.

How can interview coaching help your career?

Interview coaching is a relatively new profession that has come into prominence in the last several years. As the job market constantly increases and we see an influx of internet jobs, the market becomes more open but it also makes it harder to land high profile jobs. As if that wasn’t enough, a lot can be said about young talents who are looking for their first opportunity.

                All of these factors make it much harder to land good jobs which is why interview coaching is so important nowadays. Here are some ways an interview coach can improve your odds of landing an awesome gig. Read on!

  1. You can freshen up on your skills

While the jobs have become more flexible and there is more employee movement, there are still a lot of people who don’t like changing their job on a regular basis. This poses a problem when they eventually decide to make a change in their life. As they are rusty with their interview skills, they can do a fairly realistic simulation with an interview professional. In the long run, this will be a good investment as you are able to land a job much quicker and you might even be able to get better terms when you finally sign a contract.

2. It is ideal for people fresh out of college or high school

Most young people don’t understand what it means to be a part of workforce or what is expected from you. Some of them don’t even understand the concept of work period. Needless to say, they will have a lot of issues landing a job. These things can easily be circumvented with some practice. Like everything else, interview skills are something that can be learned and improved and what better way to do it then with an interview coach from Path Consulting

3. You are constantly getting rejected

Let’s say you’ve been trying to land a job for a while but it seems, no matter what you try to do, it is really hard to get accepted. There are lots of reasons for this; sometimes, it comes down to pure luck. But you shouldn’t neglect the fact there might be some issues in the way you’re presenting yourself to recruiters. Sometimes, small stuff, small moves you make can be a big issue. They might signal a red flag and you will be instantly discarded. In order to understand what’s wrong with your presentation, it is much better to have someone asses you. This is an ideal solution that will help you “break the curse”

4. There are questions you can’t answer

Interviews are often structured and same questions may pop up regularly. The problem are not the questions themselves; the problem is when you don’t have an appropriate response. While you cannot cover all the angles during interviews, you will have to make sure and have an answer for some basic repeating questions. Interview professional can point you in the right direction and give you some tips about it.