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Super 4: Welcome to Kingsland – So Many Adventures! Something for Everyone.

Embark on a series of adventures with the Super 4 as they travel throughout the wider Playmobil® universes. Whether it be a sci-fi futuristic world, a magical fairy world, a world of pirates, or a world of medieval knights, the adventures are never ending! Welcome to Enchanted Island, an island covered with a mysterious enchanted forest, which is home to every form of magical creature you could ever imagine fairies, mischievous boy sprites, unicorns, sirens, ancient tree spirits, and magic wishing wells. Visitors to Enchanted Isle must beware for nothing is ever quite what it seems, and dreams and reality quickly become one. At the center of the forest is the palace of the capricious Fairy Queen, who is in a constant temper due to being turned into a frog by a talented young fairy who overdid herself and, in an attempt to grant the ultimate favor to the queen by making her even more pretty , she cast a spell that in fact gave her the head of a frog! Unfortunately, that talented young fairy is our friend, Twinkle. Twinkle has great potential as a fairy but she must learn to master her wand and its magic. Join Twinkle along with her Super 4 friends as they band together to fight villains and save their worlds from chaos. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Jolleen M. comments, “Even though you may expect this DVD to be a cliché about a Prince saving a Princess, it is nothing like that. These episodes have so many adventures and each episode has something for everyone to enjoy.” Damon F. adds, “The message of this show is that if you work together, you can do anything.” See their full reviews below.

Super 4: Welcome to Kingsland
By Jolleen M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic age 12


These amazing animated episodes are great for everyone. Even though you may expect this DVD to be a cliché about a Prince saving a Princess, it is nothing like that. These episodes have so many adventures and each episode has something for everyone to enjoy.

Prince Alexander and his friends Ruby (a pirate), Twinkle (a fairy) and Jean (a secret intelligence agent) go on numerous adventures and come close to dangers from dragons, trolls and evil majesties who try to take over the kingdom. Prince Alex and his friends use their different thinking styles to come up with solutions to the different problems. Each character has a completely unique personality and different style.

Twinkle (Sarah Natochenny) can make herself sound so innocent and very caring. Sarah Natochenny seems very enthusiastic and happy, which completely matches Twinkle’s personality. Baron, an evil majesty, voiced by Sébastien Desjours, sounds a lot like a person who is very nosy and would like to fiddle with your life. Sébastien Desjours’ voice reminds me of an evil wizard or some sort of evil rich person. Desjours can sound very menacing and mischievous.

The costumes for each character show off its personality. For example, Jean is in a suit and has his handy, dandy smart watch device. The animation is unique and gives a lot of information about him visually. The backgrounds are detailed and the faces of the characters reveal their emotions. I like how they animate the dragons. They look pretty realistic and their movements are very smooth. The dragon’s breath of fire looks epic and moves the same way as an explosion moves.

My favorite episode is when Alex and his friends actually think that Baron is trying to befriend them without trying to gain something from them. This is my favorite episode because, at first, I thought that Baron was just trying to steal the sword from them and I expected him to eventually be successful at taking the sword. But when a dragon scoops up the sword from Alex’s hands, Baron jumps on the dragon and throws the sword down to Alex. I actually thought that Baron wanted to help them. Later, they realize Baron gave them a fake duplicate of the precious sword.

The message of this film is to live life with adventure and do the right thing. Alex, Twinkle, Jean and Ruby always have fun and make sure to help those around them. They never try to steal what isn’t theirs or try to make other people’s lives miserable. These episodes really show the importance of teamwork and it could inspire kids to help in their community.

These episodes are very entertaining and fun to watch. I recommend this DVD for ages 4 to 13 and give it film 5 out of 5 stars. The DVD is available now so be sure to check it out.

Super 4 Welcome to Kingsland

Damon F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10


Super 4 Welcome to Kingsland is a DVD of episodes about the Playmobil characters known as the Super 4. The series is based on the worlds of Playmobil. The worlds shown on this DVD are: Kingsland, which holds knights, barons, kings, princes, princesses and dragons; Fairy World, where fairies and little strange monsters live; and the Lost World, which includes dinosaurs. I must admit, I was disappointed that this DVD is very repetitive. The characters that aren’t Super 4 members do pretty much the same thing in every episode. For example, the knights just worship the king and don’t fight. And, the plot where the baron tries to marry the princess is used in two different episodes.

The members of the Super 4 are: Alex, (Damien Ferrette), the prince of Kingsland and the leader who started the Super 4; Twinkle, (Annouck Hautbois), a fairy from Fairy World, who doesn’t always get her spells right the first time; Ruby, (Laetitia Lefebvre), a pirate from the Pirate Lost Island, who sometimes gets in trouble for stealing treasure but always gives it back unless it is owned by the enemy; Gene, (Franck Lorrain), the team’s genius from the Agents’ world, who never gets things wrong. The Super 4 are a group of friends who embark on many adventures and missions to fight villains. This collection is about a few of their adventures saving Kingsland, Alex’s home world from chaos.

My favorite episode is called “Rage of Dragon” which is about the enchanted witch from fairy world who puts a spell on Ruby that turns her into a dragon. Super 4’s remaining members must figure out what happened to her and help her break the spell. That episode really stands out. My favorite character is Alien, Twinkles strange little monster pet who is really scared of dragons. He is funny because he is always clumsy.

The message of this show is that if you work together, you can do anything. Even though I didn’t like the plot repetition, younger kids who like repetition and play with Playmobil might love this. For that reason, I rate this DVD 2 out of 5 stars and it for ages 2 through 6. This DVD/Blu-ray is available now so go check it out.



Digimon Adventure Tri 3: Confession – A Beautifully Anime Film That Touches Your Heart

Tai and his friends are haunted by the infection that resulted in Meicoomon destroying Leomon. What could have caused it? When did it occur? Now, all of the Digimon are quarantined, in hopes that answers can be found and the infection can be stopped. Unfortunately, one of the quarantined Digimon is already showing symptoms. The adventure now evolves once again. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Jolleen M. comments, “All of these brave and courageous Digimon are so cute! This story is so powerful and made me bawl my eyes out.” Arjun N. adds, “Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession impressed me because of its wonderful style and action. The voice-acting is spectacular and the impressive animation allows for amazing visuals.” Talia J. wraps it up with, “Digimon Adventure Tri. 3: Confession is a beautifully made anime film that touched my heart and will touch the hearts of others.” See their full reviews below


Digimon Adventure Tri 3: Confession

By Jolleen M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12


All of these brave and courageous Digimon are so cute! This story is so powerful and made me bawl my eyes out. The animation for each Digimon is unique and the animation for the human characters shows their emotions quite well. I really love seeing the sweet bond between the Digimons and their owners.

I haven’t watched Digimon part 1 or part 2 before, so it was a bit confusing for me in the beginning. But after the story got underway, I got the gist about what was happening. The storyline starts off with the characters trying to find a cure to an infection. The infection caused one of their Digimon, Meicoomon, to start causing trouble in the human world. They don’t know where Meicoomon has been or where she will go, so they have to keep all of the Digimon in Koushiro’s office to prevent them from getting infected. But one owner brings his Digimon home by accident. Later that day, the Digimon gets the virus but they don’t tell anyone. During the fight to keep Meicoomon in the digital dimension, the virus spreads to one of their Digimon friends who went to hold Meicoomon. The Digimon realize that they have no choice but to fight till the end to protect their owners and their human world. The Digimons say a sad goodbye to their owners and, even though their owners don’t want them to fight, they go anyway, ready to die.

The voice acting in this film is really convincing. Convincing in the way that I could tell when a character is desperate, sad or angry, and also convincing. Miwa Matsumoto (Patamon) sounds like a very delicate and caring creature. Patamon’s close bond with his partner T.K. is very sentimental. When Patamon has to say goodbye to T.K., I cried so much because I could tell that T.K. could not live without Patamon. But Patamon sounds determined and very emotional, as if he was crying.

The animation of this film is anime style. The animation for the Digimon is very unique. Each of the Digimon are completely different from the others and they each have different personalities and physical characteristics. The human characters are animated so that their faces shows their emotions. My favorite part is when Patamon and T.K. have to say goodbye to each other. Even though this part made me sad, I feel like it is the best part of the film. I really feel the emotions from T.K. in this scene.

The message of the film is about overcoming obstacles. Meiko is very depressed because her Digimon, Meicoomon took a dark turn. Even though this obstacle is in her way, she gets out of bed every morning and tries to do something to bring Meicoomon back to normal. She realizes that just crying won’t do anything for her Digimon.

This film is very sentimental. I really enjoyed crying about this film. Sometimes you just got to cry and have your heart be moved and not worry about how everything will turn out. Be sure to check this film out to see what happens. I recommend this for ages 8 to 14 and give it 5 out of 5 stars.  It is out on DVD’s now so go check it out!


Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession

By Arjun N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession impressed me because of its wonderful style and action. The voice-acting is spectacular and the impressive animation allows for amazing visuals. This is sure to be a hit with Digimon and anime fans.<p>

The story follows the events after an infected Meicoomon (Kate Higgons) turns to the dark side and kills Leomon. Due to this, Meicoomon’s owner, Meiko (Miho Arakawa), is dealing with extreme guilt and all the other Digimon are left in the office of Izzy (Mona Marshall) to prevent further infection. However, when Takeru (Junya Enoki) finds out his Digimon, Patamon (Laura Summer), is facing infection, he tries to stop it before it is too late. Meanwhile, Meicoomon returns to cause more havoc on Earth.

Miho Arakawa, as Meiko, excellently presents her guilt and blame after Meicoomon turns to the dark side. Her sadness is well presented as she tries to abandon her team. Junya Enoki, as Takeru, is a highlight delivering a well-ranged performance full of charisma and urgency, as he tries to put his team back together to save Patamon. Also, the emotional drama between Takeru and Patomon is well done, and due to this, he is my favorite character. Tom Fahn, as Agumon, is a well-presented team leader of the Digimon who will do anything to save his friends. Laura Summer, as Patamon, delivers and equally emotional performance to Takeru as she is facing a possible impending infection, which will turn her against her Digimon friends. Kate Higgons, as Meicoomon, is a well-developed antagonist who is a formidable foe for the Digimon to fight.

The direction by Keitaro Motonaro is wonderful due to a pace that feels as if it’s an interesting magna story. My favorite scene is the scene when Takeru tells Patamon that he is infected, because it is extremely emotional due to the incredible acting of the two characters. My only problem with this movie is the large amounts of expository flashbacks that further progress the story. It feels like a lazy way to tell a story.

The message of the movie is about finding a way to forgive yourself. Meiko’s intense guilt and blame for herself is a big plot point, but she learns that moving on and helping the team will be for the better. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18 because of its action and emotional themes. The movie is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray, so check it out.


Digimon Adventure Tri.: Confession

By Talia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

Digimon Adventure Tri. 3: Confession is a beautifully made anime film that touched my heart and will touch the hearts of others. The storyline picks up right after the events that took place in past movies. Tai and his friends are still trying to figure out what caused the infection that made Leomon go rogue. All the Digimon are quarantined in hopes to keep them safe from the infection and buy the friends some time to figure out ways to stop it from spreading. Sadly, one of the Digimon is showing some indications that they might have the infection.

This DVD is the third film in the franchise Digimon Adventure Tri. I had absolutely no background knowledge of the first film Digimon Adventure Tri, nor did I know anything about the second film Digimon Adventure Tri.2: Decision. Consequently, it was a bit difficult for me to understand what was happening in the beginning of the film, since the characters referred to things that happened in the previous two films. For example, the character Leomon is discussed a lot in the beginning of the movie. I had no idea who or what that character was for the first twenty minutes. Eventually, I picked up that Leoman is a Digimon. Then, I had to rewatch the scenes where they talked about that character. The one very helpful thing in this film are the flashback scenes. They really helped me understand the plot. I recommend that people watch the first and second films before watching this one as it will help them understand the plot of the film.

This is not my first anime film, but it is my first anime dealing with magical characters like Digimons. I was not a fan of Pokemon growing up so I never watched too many anime films. Occasionally I have watched a realistic fiction anime but never fantasy ones. After watching this film I’m definitely going to put more time in watching anime films. This film gives justice to the world of anime. The storyline is compelling and the whole concept of digital monsters is absolutely fascinating. I love the relationships between the people and their Digimons. My favorite duo has to be Patamon (Anna Garduno) and TK (Johnny Yong Bosch). I could feel the love they have for each other. I grew very fond of these characters over time. I emphasized with them when times were bad. These two characters make this film even better.

The animation is absolutely stunning. There is so much detail that goes into making anime films. This film meets that high standard. The Digimon are drawn beautifully. Their exterior designs match their personalities so well. I could tell a lot of time went into drawing these monsters. The humans also have a very special look to them. My favorite feature is the characters’ eyes. You can feel the characters’ emotions by looking into their eyes. It can be difficult to truly connect with animated characters at times, due to their not looking realistic. These characters are drawn very realistically and I personally connected to them.

I recommend this film for ages 7 to 16. Younger audiences will love the fun characters and the older audiences will find the story line interesting. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars. I felt a connection to the characters and an urge to know the ending. I think the animation is stunning. This film is available now on DVD now so go check it out!


The top 3 strollers of 2018

If you are expecting a child, you are in for quite a treat. Before the baby comes however, there is much to be done, especially if you are a new parent. It is amazing how much stuff a little tiny baby needs to be taken care of. Bottles, sleepers, diapers, strollers, and blankets are just a few things that are needed when you have a new baby. When you begin shopping for these necessary items that your baby will need, you may want to conduct research to ensure that you are purchasing the safest and best products that are on the market. This article will help you identify some of the best strollers of 2018 so that you are well equipped with knowledge when buying the product you will use to cart your baby around.


  • Bugaboo Donkey 2 2018. This stroller is great as it is well known for being a multi-use stroller that is functional and easy to use. One of the main perks to owning this stroller is that it can be customized to fit the parents’ wants and desires. The wheel suspension has improved since previous models making the stroller more mobile and safe to use. The side basket is now much bigger and has pockets for important things such as a phone, keys, wallet, or other necessities. In the past, this stroller had a challenging brake that lacked ease of use. Due to improvements, the stroller brake can now easily be pushed no matter what shoes you are wearing. If you are looking for a durable stroller that gives you the ability to customize it to meet your needs, the Bugaboo Donkey 2 may be the perfect stroller for you and your baby.



  • Britax B-Agile 3 & B Safe 35 Travel Elite System. If you travel a lot and need a good stroller with a travel system, the Britax B-Agile is a great choice. This system is lightweight and easy to transport. In addition, the ability to fold this with one hand in a quick manner is quite a perk for those who are always in a hurry. Combined with a large storage section underneath the stroller, this system is perfect for families who plan to go on vacation to Disney World or other amusement parks. Another great perk to investing in this stroller system is that it can be used for toddlers as well, so plan on having it for a long time.



  • 4 Moms Moxi Stroller. This stroller is amazing if you have ever dreamed of being a Jetson. If you are the type of parent who likes having the newest and best that technology and innovation has to offer, the 4Moms Moxi Stroller is one that you should include on your wishlist. Known to be one of the first smart strollers, this stroller has many surprises that most do not offer. For example,  this stroller has built-in power generators that work to move the back wheels. There is a self-charging battery that uses an LED screen and gives you the ability to charge your phone should it be low. Finally, it has headlights and taillights so that you can be seen should you choose to take a late night stroll with your little tot.