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Indie-Pop Artist Jess Penner Releases First Children’s EP, ‘Imagination’ Available from Position Music on August 11, 2017 Giveaway Opportunity!

Jess Penner, a BMI songwriting contest winner known for her “bubbly indie electro-pop sound” (Popdose), “simple yet impressive melodies” (Honolulu Star Bulletin), and “a rawness and intimacy that is consistently missing from modern top 40 pop” (Baeble), ventures into the world of family music with Imagination, an EP of eight songs due out August 11 through Position Music/Recurrent Records.

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Working with Position Music since 2008, this Los Angeles based recording artist has earned hundreds of song placements around the world in advertisements and movie trailers, film and television shows. With Imagination, Penner breathes new life into classic children’s songs like “Mr. Sun,” “I’ve Got No Strings,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “I Don’t Want To Live on the Moon,”  and  “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” The album also debuts two Jess Penner original songs: “Forever in My Heart” and the title track.

Penner grew up on a banana farm on Kauai. She met her husband Kevin as teenagers performing in a nationally touring Christian rock band. Over the past decade, they have forged a musical powerhouse, crafting sticky songs and recording other artists’ projects in a converted garage studio behind their Los Angeles home. Over the years, other projects have included the bands Chandelle, Kayjez and We Cry Diamonds. Penner’s three solo albums have gained critical acclaim and millions of streams on Spotify, including the song “Life Is Rosy,” written with former One Republic band member Tim Myers.

As a kid, Penner listened to the oldies radio station with her parents, who also enjoyed popular folk rock. Today, Penner says she strives to deliver a pure sound and positive messages with her songwriting: “The music we hear as young children shapes our view of the world in really unexpected ways. I have a strong suspicion that being exposed to doo wop at such a young age made me a romantic, somehow.”

While her musical influences today might be compared to Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Bareilles and other current female indie pop artists, Penner’s sound developed over many years and is unusual in the children’s music arena. Inspiration for the songs “Imagination” and “Forever in My Heart” came from parenting her own two children. “I don’t really think of writing and recording songs for kids as being all that different from my usual work, except that I want to make sure that the messages I’m sending are wholesome and hopeful,” Penner explains.

It isn’t easy to make a living as a non-touring independent female songwriter, but Penner proves it can be done through hard work and experimentation. With her Songcents blog, Penner shares her knowledge of the industry with aspiring indie artists. Her YouTube channel features a homespun “Slice & Song” reality TV style series, where she demonstrates a favorite pie recipe and performs a song in her home studio.

The release of Imagination simply continues Jess Penner’s journey as an artist, role model and parent. “I want kids to dream, savor life, and know that they have the power to do anything they put their minds to. The world can be a tough place; why don’t we make sure that the messages kids receive on repeat lift them up and empower them?” says Penner.

Visit for more news about the August 11 release. The EP is available for pre-orders now.

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19 top U.S. aquariums join to tackle plastic pollution threat Aquariums from coast to coast shift away from single-use plastic products and packaging, rally consumers to build market demand for innovative alternatives


The Aquarium of the Pacific has joined with eighteen other aquariums across the United States  and created a new Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) to address one of the gravest threats facing ocean and freshwater animals – plastic pollution. Today, the ACP announced the launch of a nationwide consumer campaign and a business commitment to drive a shift away from single-use plastic among their visitors, in their communities, and beyond.


“The Aquarium of the Pacific is a trusted source of science-based information on the ocean and environment in our region. It is our aim to provide our visitors with practical things they can do as ocean stewards in their communities. We are proud to be joining with aquariums across the country to promote ocean conservation,” said Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific president and CEO.


Through the national “In Our Hands” campaign, the ACP hopes to empower their 20 million visitors and millions more in their communities to drive a national shift away from single-use plastic and toward innovative alternatives. The public can learn more about the Aquarium of the Pacific’s commitment and achievements


“The public trusts aquariums to do what’s right for the health of the ocean and for ocean wildlife,” said Julie Packard, executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. “We’re just beginning to understand the full impacts of ocean plastic pollution on ecosystems, marine life, and human health. But we already know enough to say that now is the time to act.”


All nineteen aquariums are also supporting this shift away from single-use plastic within their own businesses. As of today, all ACP members have eliminated plastic straws and single-use plastic take-away bags in their institutions. In hopes of additional plastic reduction, the aquariums have also committed to:

  • Significantly reduce or eliminate plastic beverage bottles by December 2020
  • Showcase innovative alternatives to single-use plastic in their facilities

“As leaders in aquatic conservation, aquariums are expected to walk their talk, and that’s exactly what this partnership is meant to do,” said National Aquarium CEO John Racanelli. “We are uniquely qualified to set an example for others—in reducing our plastic footprint, encouraging sustainable operating practices, and inspiring hope in a public that is hungry to be part of the solution. We’re right where we should be.”


About 8.8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year worldwide – roughly a dump truck full of plastic every minute of every day. In the United States alone, plastic waste averages more than 200 pounds per person each year.  If nothing changes, by 2025 the flow of plastic into the ocean is expected to double.


But it’s not just the ocean that’s affected: Plastic pollution in lakes and rivers has been found in concentrations as high, or higher, than in oceanic gyres that concentrate plastic trash. Today, there are an estimated one billion plastic particles floating on the surface of Lake Michigan, alone.

The Great Lakes are the largest surface freshwater system on Earth, making up approximately 21 percent of the world’s supply of surface freshwater. Additionally, more than 3,500 species of plants and animals live in the Great Lakes basin.


“Approximately 22 million pounds of plastic flows into the Great Lakes each year — in Lake Michigan alone, it is equivalent to 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with bottles,” said Shedd Aquarium President and CEO Dr. Bridget Coughlin. “Small actions can turn into big solutions, and we believe the 24 million people in the United States who rely on this beautiful, massive resource for their drinking water, jobs, and livelihoods want to be part of that wave of change. We look forward to working together in these commitments.”


The Aquarium Conservation Partnership was first championed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, National Aquarium in Baltimore and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, in collaboration with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Coalition partners are located in 16 states and include:



This summer, the aquariums will focus on raising awareness and sparking consumer action, and sharing their own success stories to highlight the many ways they’ve cut back on single-use plastic in their operations.

They are working with business partners to showcase innovative alternatives to single-use plastic products, and will collaborate with vendors to accelerate design of new products and materials. They are also finding ways to use less plastic packaging in gift store items, and scaling back on single-use plastic in their cafes and restaurants.


The aquariums are also using their collective voice – at the local, state and national level – to support policies that reduce the flow of plastic pollutants into the ocean, rivers and lakes. Beyond sponsoring clean-up events and education programs, many have backed successful efforts to stem the use of plastic shopping bags and plastic microbeads found in personal care products.



About the Aquarium Conservation Partnership

The Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) is a collaboration of 19 AZA-accredited public aquariums across North America committed to advancing conservation and advocacy of the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers through public action, business leadership and policy changes aimed at addressing major threats to aquatic environments.