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Dancing Toy Dog with colorful lights and sounds

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Do you have young children? They may just love this Toy Dog! it is colorful, bright and is musical! My favorite thing is that it features a 360-degree rotation with the combination of 3D lighting ball. My pup was quite interested in it and my older son thinks it is pretty cool for younger kids! It would make a great gift for a young child especially one that loves dogs. I have to admit this one is pretty unique and easy to use. You simply add 3 AA batteries and turn the dog on by a switch. The song is repetitive and it is loud but young kids love repetitive songs! The ball screws onto the nose but that is super simple and the little screw to put in the batteries is also easy. I recommend for children and I even think my dog likes it for brief periods of time.

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Self Disclosure: I received a free or heavily discounted item in exchange for an unbiased review.

Simply Coding – Learn to Code Python is a Must-Buy! Great for Homeschooling and is School Approved!


Looking for a fun way for your Tween to learn coding? This program by Simply Coding is a must-try! This is a great resource for homeschooling and I like that it is school approved. My son likes that it is for 12+ and that it is simply a code that you receive and register. it is easy to set up and works on PC, MAC and Linux. The one time access code is simple! My son has pretty much outgrown Minecraft so this one is more fun for him! I like that there is online support and step-by-step instructions to build two adventure games. I also like that you do not need to have any previous skills! I highly recommend for ages 12+. There is also a quiz at the end of each lesson which makes it great for homeschooling. I like that my son won’t complain about doing these lessons!

More info:

35-Hour Course
Step-by-Step Programming
Video Review Sessions

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Self Disclosure: I received a free or heavily discounted product inn exchange for an unbiased review.