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Capture the Essence of Your Family Through Mobile Photography


A simple afternoon walking the beach or a trip to the ice cream shop may not seem like much when you set out, but casual, every day experiences can turn into lifelong memories.

By age seven, our earliest childhood memories begin to fade, says Psych Central, so capturing even the smallest occasions and events with your children are of utmost importance. With one of the latest smartphones, you can photograph these special moments with ease. These phones now come with high-powered cameras and features such as optical image stabilization and auto focus so you can take the best pictures on the go. Here are just a few extra apps and tools to help you keep and share these images (and moments) forever.


How many times have you captured the perfect moment only to have the photo ruined by an intrusive shadow or poor lighting? Those are now problems of the past thanks to Snapseed. This free app, available for iPhones and Androids, allows you to transform subpar photos into frameable works of art.

The app features auto correct selective adjustments (for those dark corners and out of focus faces) and a variety of fun filters. It’s a user friendly app with professional level results.


While digital images are great and easily shared through various social media platforms, there is still something to be said for a printed photo. But, lugging a bulky camera around can be so inconvenient. Enter GrooveBook. This app, available in the iPhone App Store and on Google Play, allows you to create keepsake photobooks from your digital images.

While the app itself is free, the company works on a monthly subscription model allowing you to upload up to 100 photos each month to be printed and bound in a commemorative collection for $2.99. This is the perfect way to create a quick and easy scrapbook from family vacations and special occasions.


If you are planning a special event, Capsule is a must have app. This socially-driven app allows, and even encourages, guests to become your own personal photographers. As guests snap photos, they can instantly share their images via a pre-established photo gallery.

The app was initially designed as a wedding platform, but can function for birthday parties, family reunions and holidays as well. With private photo groups, accessed via a “join code,” you can maintain your privacy while simultaneously sharing images with all involved. With everyone sharing their experience, you can really capture the essence of the event.

The Art of iPhoneography

If you want to step up your iPhone camera game, check out the book titled “The Art of iPhoneography.” This book by Stephanie C. Roberts helps develop your photo taking skills via the camera phone. It also guides you in identifying the right apps and functions for your specific photo needs. At just $14.41 on Amazon, this is definitely a must-read for anyone hoping to capture special moments with their family.


Last but not least, we can’t overlook the ever poplar Instagram. This social media platform was designed for the sole purpose of sharing life’s special moments through photography. To better organize and categorize your photos, create specific hashtags for each event or experience. Names, dates and locations are good places to start. For example, #SmithsAtDisney2014 is an easy way to organize all your family vacation photos. This way you can have a digital record of the occasion, which can be easily recalled years later and can be contributed to by anyone who knows the designated hashtag.