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UNUSUAL SIGHTINGS OFF LONG BEACH: A SPERM WHALE, ORCAS, AND BLUE AND FIN WHALES, ALONG WITH MIGRATING GRAY WHALES The newly redesigned Whales: Voices in the Sea exhibit will also debut at the Aquarium this winter

Could this be the winter of the whale? During this time of year it is common to see gray whales migrating, but other leviathans are in the waters off Long Beach this winter. In about the past week, experts from the Aquarium of the Pacific aboard Harbor Breeze Cruises have spotted a sperm whale, a pod of more than twenty orcas (killer whales), and blue, fin, humpback, and gray whales. 

Sperm whales are very rarely seen off Southern California, and orca sightings here are also uncommon. The endangered blue whale is the largest whale on the planet and normally frequents local waters in the summer months. The second largest animal on the planet is the endangered fin whale, who has returned another winter to the waters off Long Beach. Dolphins and other animals are also being spotted. Experts will delve into why these animals are here and discuss conservation issues involving whales in these urban waters.

The public can embark on the whale watch and also explore the newly redesigned, award-winning Whales: Voices in the Sea multimedia exhibit at the Aquarium. As guests interact with this exhibit, they will learn about the environmental threats facing gray, sperm, blue, North Atlantic right, humpback, and other whales. This bilingual English-Spanish exhibit is located on the Aquarium’s second floor. The redesign, featuring new state-of-the-art interactive exhibit technology and the latest research on blue and gray whales, was made possible by the Pacific Life Foundation. The exhibit was developed by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography with the Aquarium of the Pacific. The new Whales: Voices in the Sea interactive program is also slated to open at the Florida Aquarium and Texas State Aquarium in 2014.

The public can visit the Aquarium of the Pacific and embark on Harbor Breeze Cruises for a two- to two-and-a-half-hour whale watch excursion with Aquarium experts daily at12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. The Gray Whale Watch combo ticket is available for purchase on-site at the Aquarium of the Pacific and may be purchased in advance by calling 562-590-3100. Prices are $45.95 for adults ages 12 and up, $41.95 for seniors ages 62 and up, and $30.95 per child (includes whale watch & Aquarium admission). Guests will be able to listen to the whales they see and can learn more about whale communication through the Aquarium’s newly redesigned interactive Whales: Voices in the Sea kiosk exhibit featuring the largest and smallest whales on the planet—the blue whale and the vaquita.  For more information, the public can visit .


AQUARIUM:  The nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific is dedicated to environmental education. Its vision is to create a sustainable future for nature and its resources by building relationships between and among people. The Aquarium is home to over 11,000 animals in more than fifty exhibits. For more information, visit .



CORP:            Harbor Breeze Cruises has been providing public whale watching, world port, and charter cruises for over 20 years in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Their experienced captains provide comprehensive narration about the characteristics of each cruise. The double-deck sightseeing vessels are U.S. Coast Guard-inspected, certified safe, and are complete with seating, snack bar, restrooms, salon, and plenty of outside viewing room for everyone. Aquarium of the Pacific whale watch and harbor cruises feature a new vessel in the fleet operated by Harbor Breeze Cruises. The new 150-passenger, 83-foot M/V Triumphant was christened on July 17, 2013. For more information, visit .


flarePlay Fun for the whole family!! Great Holiday Gift Suggestion!


Looking for something fun for the whole family? I recently learned about flarePlay and was excited to receive a FREE flarePlay game bundle and 3 months of free service to review it. Now, you may ask “What is flarePlay?” Do you have a family who loves to play video game? Well, then flarePlay is for you! FlarePlay delivers video games to your TV- instantly! Now, how cool is that?! It is like Netflix for video games. There are 100+ games in their catalog so there really is something for everyone. What I really like is that there are new games added monthly. This is just perfect for family game nights and would also make a great Holiday gift for the whole family. It’s even cheaper than many of those game systems out there on Santa’s list. I was impressed that there really is a category for everyone! My whole family enjoyed playing! You can choose from adventure, action, arcade, simulation, racing, sports, time management, hidden object, and puzzle games. It is easy to set up! I thought that it would be difficult but it wasn’t at all. Then you have instant streaming of video games on your TV and lots of games to choose from!  New games are added monthly. This month Lego Batman (ages 5-8) and Lego Harry Potter (ages 1-4 years) were two that were added.

Now, our readers have an opportunity to receive this special Holiday Offer:

Regularly, customers pay $99 for the gameBundle (device) and $9.99 per month for the service (subscription).
The regular price is great, since flarePlay has 100+ games in its catalog. But, they want our followers to have access to an AMAZING offer this holiday season.

Pay $30 for 3 months of flarePlay service,
and get a free microconsole (valued at $99).*

But, you must act quickly to take advantage of this great offer!  Click here for offer! Offer expires 12/31/13-one offer per unique email address per account.

Self Disclosure: As mentioned above, I received a flarePlay game bundle and 3 months of free service and money compensation to review and feature this product but any opinions expressed are my own.


flarePlay offer disclaimer (Free Microconsole when sign up for 3 months of FlarePlay):
* Offer expires 12/31/13. Offer includes one free microconsole (reg. $99) with 3 month
$30.00 flarePlay basic game tier subscription. Higher flareplay tiers, rental services, add’l
features, add’l devices, taxes and other fees are extra. After 3 months, your credit card
WILL automatically be charged the $9.99 monthly flarePlay subscription fee.
If service is cancelled between days 31 – 90, the microconsole must be returned in the
original packaging to: New Business, 1400 Lake Hearn Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319. Otherwise,
a $50 disconnection fee will be charged.
Flareplay is available only to California residents 18 years or older. 3 Mbps or higher
downstream Internet, in-home Wi-Fi, and HD TV set with an HDMI port required.
Uninterrupted or error-free service not guaranteed. A valid credit card is required for
billing. Limit one offer per unique email address per account. Offer not combinable with
other flareplay offers, promotions or discounts. Other restrictions may apply.
** 30 day money back guarantee entitles you to a refund of the first month subscription
fee, device charges and taxes. You must claim refund within the first 30 days of service,
and the microconsole must be returned in the original packaging to: New Business,
1400 Lake Hearn Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319.



BonLook for the Holidays! Sunglasses and Eyeglasses make great gifts!


Yes, it’s Winter and Yes, I still need to wear sunglasses! It’s one of the many advantages of living in sunny Southern California! I recently learned about BonLook and received their Wonderland Espresso (for Women) and Sailor Black (for kids) Sunglasses to try out. I love how stylish the Wonderland Espresso sunnies are and my son was quite impressed with his new shades! I received the NON RX – INCLUDES:


  • Free 30-Day Return & Exchange
  • Polarized Non-Prescription Lenses
  • High quality 100% UV coating


But they also come in RX! Check them out here!

unnamed (1)josh

My son received the  Sailor-Crow (black) and likes that they are cool and comfortable! Check all the sunglasses out here.

They also have a new collection out for the holidays! Check out the new collection below!

Winter Belle 2013! These eyeglasses look amazing and if they are anything like the sunglasses, I know you will love them!!



 More about BonLook:

Founded in 2010 by women, for women, BonLook is an eyewear design and e-commerce company that is an
industry leader in high-quality, affordable, and fashion-forward prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. BonLook
has re-defined the category, allowing eyewear to be a fun fashion accessory as well as a means to correct vision
and protect eyes. Their designs flatter women’s faces while highlighting their natural beauty and individuality
with cutting-edge silhouettes and bold colors and prints. BonLook is also celebrated for its collaborations with
talented female bloggers. It is truly a brand that prides itself on celebrating female ingenuity in all of its forms.
For more information, visit


Melanie Daigle, retired ninja and popcorn enthusiast,
is BonLook’s Head of Marketing. She is the definitive
multitasker; the energy and passion that she brings
when she juggles ten zillion (actually, make that ten
bazillion) different projects is a force to be reckoned with.
Upon graduating in Marketing and International
Management from the University of Montreal,
Melanie found herself in a position as a management
consultant on behalf of World Bank’s Investment
Climate and Productivity Study. She also worked
as a consultant in West Africa on different business
development projects. Knowing that women rarely
start their own businesses but when they do, they
are the most successful, she decided to hone her
skills at home and pair up with Sophie on an
entrepreneurial adventure.

Sophie Boulanger, recovering cereal addict and Chief
Stylist at BonLook, is the creative genius behind all
the designs. When she is not busy pinning her latest
fashion finds and inspirations, she works her magic
distilling the diverse styles of the world’s major fashion
hubs (she calls Paris and Milan her second homes!)
into beautiful eyewear.
After receiving her Master’s Degree in Fashion &
Design from Milan’s Bocconi University School
of Management, Sophie held multiple positions in
fashion and retail merchandising with luxury brands
and retailers. After a stint at Christian Dior in Paris,
she found herself back in her favorite fashion capital,
Montreal. It’s a city bustling with emerging talent and
cutting-edge indie brands. What better a city and what
a better partner to start their own fashion design brand!

Self Disclosure: I received sunglasses for free to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are my own. Photo Credit: BonLook except for the photo of my son.