Archives for February 11, 2013

Pure Pearls Valentine's Day Giveaway!


Valentine’s Day is almost here! I’ve featured candy, cards, spas and other Valentine’s giveaways this past two weeks. So, now it’s time to feature another one of my favorites..Pure Pearls. I’ve been a big fan of theirs for the past two years and what I love the best about them is their motto- Your pearls your way! What I really like about the website is all the choices you have. I received a beautiful Blue-Green Pearl Bracelet and I simply love it! There are different styles but I received the Black freshwater PureHearts pearl bracelet, which is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!  The color is just beautiful and I love the toggle silver heart.

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Circus Fever Written by Alva Sachs and Illustrated by Patricia Krebs Valentine's Day Giveaway!


Do you remember what is was like to be excited about the Circus? Maybe you have a little one who looks forward to the Circus when it comes to town. Circus Fever by Alva Sachs is a delightful story about a little girl named Jessica who is excited about the Circus! She just can’t wait and is so excited! Young children will LOVE this story!

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DecalGirl Skins for all your gadgets! Valentine's Day Special Giveaway!

ipad 2 almost paradise

Looking for stylish protection for all your gadgets? DecalGirl skins are designed for maximum coverage and lightweight protection from everyday scratches. I received an ipad 2 skin titled “Almost Paradise” by Daniella Foletto. I love this design! It really makes me think of a tropical ocean paradise!

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Valentine’s Day with Wonder Forge A Valentine's Day Giveaway for the Kids!




Looking for a really cool strategy board games for  kids ages 6+? There’s a new game to hit the market this month, Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Clash Alley! Our friends at Wonder Forge sent us one to review and it is so much fun! It’s a multi-level game board and I even enjoyed playing it! I like that there are three ways to move. You can run through the warehouse, climb onto stacks of boxes, and leap onto enemies! If you have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, they will love this game! This game will be available at Target at the end of this month. [Read more…]