What’s in Your Bag? KissSafe™ Oral Antiseptic Breath Spray: Kiss. Don’t Risk.™ Malibu Biotech System LLC Announces  KissSafe™Oral Antiseptic Breath Spray


There’s a brand new breath spray and oral antiseptic called  KissSafe™, a must have item for every bag, backpack, pocket or clutch. An essential item, practical for both daily use as well as for meeting up with that special someone.

KissSafe™ is the first personal hygiene product dedicated specifically to making kissing a safer experience while also freshening the breath. It contains an FDA-approved active ingredient that safely and effectively kills germs in the mouth and oral cavity before and after intimate kissing. KissSafe’s proprietary prevent-tech will be a game changer for kissing and intimacy.

I received a free sample and was quite impressed that it eliminates germs in your mouth and also freshens your breath. I really like the fresh mint flavor! This one is a real Must-Have for the Summer!

Don’t let a kiss be more than just a kiss.  Kiss.  Don’t  Risk.™    KissSafe™   KissSafe™  is now available on  Amazon.com and  KissSafe.com

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post.


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