Top Tips For Dealing With Troubled Teens

The teenage years of your child’s life can be challenging for both of you. When teenagers are stressed, they can lash out, and often in your direction. Here are some tips and strategies that can help you deal with a troubled teen and help them communicate positively with you.

Keep Calm And Carry On

Teenagers like to push your buttons, and they can be pretty good at it too. It can be hard for a young teen, and even an older one, to control their emotions so you need to set the example.

Do not react to their button-pushing tantrums and remain calm. There are some strategies that can help you to begin communicating with teenagers effectively no matter how hard they make it. Keep your cool and resist their provocations.

Establish And Reinforce Boundaries

You can call these house rules, mom rules, or ground rules, but these are boundaries you must set for both you and your child so you both know where you stand. The most important rule is that you both treat each other with respect.

This can help cut down on the number of heated confrontations you are having with each other and give your teenager a structure they can work within to communicate with you clearly and calmly.

Use Humor And Empathy

Sharing is caring. It may not be too long ago that you were the same age as your teenager, possibly going through the same problems and stresses that they are now.

This creates an opportunity for empathy and sharing your experiences with them which makes you more relatable to them. They only know you as an adult and may not have ever thought about your teenage life or considered that you could have experienced situations that are similar to theirs.

Life is funny, and you can be too. Sharing a laugh at life can be a great bonding experience, and makes your teen much more likely to open up and share their emotions and worries with you.

Help Them Find To Solutions On Their Own

When your child is in distress it is only natural to want to protect them and take control of the situation. This is the wrong path to take with a teenager that will become a young adult before you know it.

Part of communicating is listening, and most teenagers feel that they are not listened to. Make sure you are giving them time and space in your conversations to find the words they need and listen to them. Help them to work things out themselves, and offer support not control.

Navigate The Path Forward With Them

Continued support reassures a child, no matter how old they become. It is important to follow up your conversations with actions. Give them the support and encouragement they will need to deal with their problems and move forward in their lives, progressing instead of regressing.

Make sure they see the different options they have at any given moment. Empower them by giving them the authority and responsibility to make decisions on their own with your help, advice, and support.

These strategies should help you make more progress with a troubled teen. With the right balance of help and advice with boundaries and respect, you should see a positive change in their behavior.


  1. I like how you mentioned the importance of offering support to troubled teens, not control. I think it would also be beneficial to encourage the best treatment options for these youth, such as residential group programs. That way, they can get the support they need to handle their struggles well.

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