Tips on How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a Big Move

Moving is what you make of it. It could be because you can no longer afford your dream house and need to down-size, or it could be to move to a better location. What matters when you move is your outlook, and this is especially true when you have children with you. Children look to you for how they feel, and if you appear stressed or upset with the move, they will copy your behavior immediately. This is true of young children and older children alike, though the older they are, the more attached they will be to their old home, their friends, and their way of life.

Moving is a big deal, and it can be huge for children if it’s their first time, which is why you should follow this guide so that you can help your kids adjust and enjoy the experience:


Don’t Hide It

There are many ways you can build up to telling your children that you need to move. You can start with pointing out all of the flaws in your home. How it doesn’t have enough space or it doesn’t have a backyard. The more you point out these flaws and then daydream about a better property that fixes those solutions, the better. Done right you can get your kids excited for the move long before they even know it is happening.


Once you feel that it is time to begin your house hunt, tell them immediately. Make it an exciting adventure – a new life in a new home that will be better than their old one. This applies whether you are getting a bigger home or down-sizing, so long as you make it seem like a positive experience.


Tips on House Hunting

Young children can become very distracting during property viewings, and if you spend all your time watching them instead of looking at the house, you will have a harder time deciding which one is right for you. Instead, let your parents babysit for a day and view the properties by yourselves first. Then come back to your top three choices or top choice with your children to show them around and see what they think of your new place. It doesn’t matter if you have made up your mind already or not, getting their opinion before you buy it will be a huge step towards making them excited for the big move.


To help get green-light verdict, go through your top choices and encourage your kids to imagine their lives there. Where will their toys go? Which way will their bed be facing? If your kids can imagine their lives and are excited, you’ve done your part.


Make Their New Home Familiar

If you live close enough to easily drive to your new home, make use of it. Take your kids to explore their new neighborhood and even sign them up for local organizations. Do this, and your move won’t be to a new place, but to somewhere they already have friends and memories. The extra effort it takes to drive the distance will be so worth it when your children already have friends to hang out with the day they move in.


Take the Stress Out of Moving Day

Moving can be very stressful, and if your children see your stress and frustration, they can mimic that behavior and make things worse. Rather than sour their first experience in their new home, take the stress out of moving. Suddath movers in San Francisco can take care of all your moving needs, including packing. This gives you the time to take your kids to your new property early so explore their new neighborhood before everything comes in.


Make their first day in their new home a fun experience. Be together as a family and show them that things will only be better from here on out. Order in a pizza, watch a movie, play tag around your home and whatever else your family loves doing.


Moving can be a great experience for the whole family, if done right. Include your children as much as possible, and do your best to be positive and optimistic for them. The more excited you are, and the more you help them imagine what their new lives will be like, the more excited your children will be. Enroll your kids in local organizations before you move, and you can make your new place feel like home before they even move in.


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