“Slotomania” of Playtika


This one is definitely not for the Kids! Well, unless you have a kid over the age of 21! So, what is this game? Well, think of casinos and slot machines except that you do not have to pay real cash to play. You also don’t have to leave the house!  It is a FREE game app and you can download it on any device. I just downloaded it on my Kindle via Amazon. You can find it in the app store, Amazon and Google Play or you can play within Facebook. I did just find out that a few of my Facebook friends are already playing this game! You start off with Introductory coins (like with most games) but you do not have to pay to play. I discovered that you will receive daily bonuses, you can also win Playtika Contests, win tournaments, hit jackpots (of course!) and receive coins as gifts from friends.  Of course, just like many other game apps, you can buy more coins with real cash if you would like to. What I really like is that it is fun and I enjoyed that there are new games on the levels that are unlocked as you go. So, what are you waiting for? It is free and the slots do simulate gambling, which is why this one is for the adults only!

One more warning…the games can be addictive!

If you want more information and a link to the game you can always come herecasinojuggler.com/playtika-slotomania/



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