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Be a part of the excitement of finding a solution for sippy cup lids that fit all drinking cups and fit right in your pocket- join the SipSnap design team today as they launch their new line building awareness and crowd-funding on Kickstarter.


Kickstarter Live March 5th – March 31st. Link here:

SipSnap, the universal sippy cup lid is made up of 100% food safe silicone, allowing consumers to reduce waste by stretching the product around their existing cups. This also gives parents more control over what kind of material their kids drink from. Their eco-friendly line is BPA and phthalate free, and dishwasher safe.


Offering two versions of SipSnap that are patent pending, both versions come in a pack of three. SipSnap Toddler has a spout that is co-molded so it’s chew resistant, and SipSnap Kid has a straw hole design that fits any size straw. Each will come with one carrying case so you can take SipSnap to go. Its compact size allows it to carry in your bag making it great for travel and everyday on-the-go as a parent. They will release with sixdifferent colors.

8 in a Row - SipSnap


Reaching their goals quickly within two days on initial launch earlier this month, the inventors of SipSnap share a refreshing success story while continuing to position their universal ‘one size fits all’ drink lid that converts any drinking glass into a spill-proof kids cup.  The excitement is still growing and the designers of SipSnap are ready to reach even higher!


Michelle Ivankovic and Sativa Turner raised more than $28,000 in their first 48 hours and are now setting their sights on a higher stretch goal of $90,000 while meeting specific requests of consumers who have written to them.


Their successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign currently has raised $66,000.  Michelle and Sativa are now reaching out to give back to their supporters with extra offerings if they reach their new goal within the remaining days of the campaign.


Moms and Dads across the country showed tremendous support reaching out to the design duo to help them solve an additional challenge of also wanting healthy, kid-safe sipping……STRAWS to go with their SipSnap.  Over the first half of the campaign numerous moms wrote to the designers to ask for a safe BPA, phthalate free, and dishwasher safe drinking straw.  Wanting to meet the demands of their more than 1,000 enthusiastic supporters, the SipSnap team will now offer a free stainless steel drinking straw with every SipSnap KID set.  In addition to straws, requests have also been made for extra carrying cases. All SipSnap TOT sets will come with 2 cases, if they reach their goal of $90,000. They will be launching with stretch goals on Kickstarter today. Link:

Self Disclosure: SipSnap sponsored feature.

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