Show your hands some love with these fun Valentine’s Day-inspired nail ideas from beauty expert, Skyy Hadley to take your look to the next level.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or watching rom-coms with your BFF, nothing’s more festive than a pink or red manicure.


A lesson in red: If you can’t decide which color is your perfect red, just try them all at once for this monochromatic look.

A couple things you must know about painting your nails/tips when executing this trend:

  • Always use a base coat
  • Stay away from quick-dry nail polish (it dehydrates and can dry out your nails)
  • Apply cuticle oil religiously
  • Hold your hands under cold water post paint job
  • Apply thin, not thick, coats of polish
  • Always use a top coat


Self Disclosure: Tips from beauty expert, Skyy Hadley and an image were provided. Samples may have also been received to facilitate this post. 

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