Patricia Nash has announced the winning mother & daughter of the all-inclusive trip to Italy from the brand’s #CarryMeThrough Campaign held during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With over thousands of applicants entered into the campaign, Patricia was overwhelmed with the stories and the amount of love and strength each participant possessed. She thought the winner was impossible to pick out until she came upon Nicole Battaglia and the story of her and her mother’s journey through breast cancer. Nicole’s mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, leading to two mastectomies, the latter of which was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. She shared her guilt of her embarrassment she felt toward her mother, a woman who was once strong, now weak. Her mother, however, was a story of strength – never ashamed of her cancer, she aided others who were alone and afraid. She also became involved in the Susan G. Komen Foundation as well as helped chair the Race For the Cure in Arizona. From the experiences Nicole has been through with her mother, from changing her wounds, to emptying her drain tubes and being her personal nurse, she considers her mother her  best friend and has been inspired to pursue a career in helping others.   Nicole since become a registered nurse working toward her passion to one day work in Oncology.


Credit: #CarryMeThrough Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month/Patricia Nash.

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