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GroupMe, the free messaging app focused exclusively on streamlining group communication, launched a new calendar feature today that will help you share and connect easily with all of the important groups in your life. GroupMe is like a private chat room on your mobile (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) that can easily organize chats with the parents on your child’s little league team, your running group, book club or any other interest you and your friends may share and need to organize activity around. You can have as many group chats on GroupMe as you need and the best part – it’s always free!


Here are some ways GroupMe can simplify your everyday communication:


  • Little League Team

o   Cut down on email inbox clutter by streamlining practice schedules, snack rotations, venue changes and carpool specifics.

o   Calendar event invites alleviate the constant back and forth, while providing an easy way to keep the group organized and everyone in-the-know. Plus, you can share video and images of your favorite players saved in the group chat via a gallery!

  • Family Reunions

o   Coordinate your upcoming family reunion by finding out – in real-time – location preferences, what date works best and who is planning to attend.

o   Save time by simply ‘liking’ a message to communicate that you’re in agreement making – it easier to show or gain consensus, fast!

  • Oscars Viewing Party

o   The Academy Awards will be here before we know it (2/22) and there’s not a lot of time to get your friends together to coordinate a viewing party.

o   With GroupMe, your film junkie friends can chat about who will host, who will bring appetizers, wine, paper goods and party favors with full visibility among the group . Add optional notifications and reminders in the calendar so you remember to pick up whatever delicious treat you’re contributing to the get together!


Calendar Feature Specifics:

  • It’s easy to create events. To create an event, the only thing you need is the event name, time and location. You can add optional notifications with up to two reminders and a location and add an image. This is a great way to track responses and view all of your group’s events in a single place!
  • Every group has its own calendar. You can see an overview of all of your group’s upcoming events in your group-specific calendar, and once you have RSVP’d ‘yes’ to an event, you can send the event to your phone’s calendar.
  • Events in the message. When a group member shares a calendar event, it will pop up in the group chat for all to see. 


Credit: GroupMe. No compensation was received to post.

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