National Hot Dog Day Just Got Free


With summer in full swing, there are dozens of reasons to celebrate, including National Hot Dog Day. I’m excited to mark the date with Pilot Flying J, which is giving away one free Oscar Mayer hot dog to each customer who visits a travel center on July 23.

And to further celebrate National Hot Dog Day, help yourself to some entertaining hot dog facts courtesy of Pilot Flying J:

  1. Pilot Flying J sells 329,000 Oscar Mayer hot dogs per month – that’s more than 12 million hot dogs per year!
  2. The city that buys the most Oscar Mayer hot dogs from Pilot Flying J is Boron, Calif.
  3. If 8 million Pilot Flying J hot dogs are stacked end to end, they would stretch 1,136 miles – about halfway across the U.S.
  4. It may be National Hot Dog Day, but Pilot Flying J sells the most hot dogs nationwide in the one week leading up to the 4th of July.

To redeem a free hot dog on National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd, simply  share a coupon available on social media, through PFJ’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Pilot Flying J will post on Thursday, July 23rd.

Credit: Pilot Flying. No compensation was received to post.



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