More Book Gift Suggestions for the Holidays!


Princess Cupcake returns!  In this second book of the Award-Winning Princess Cupcake Jones Series, she delivers a valuable message about facing fears of starting school. With the same gentle, rhyming cadence and vibrant illustrations this captivating story helps children and their parents learn about sharing feelings, taking risks, and being supportive for new adventures. All will delight and learn as Princess Cupcake finally begins her first day of school.

We received a copy of this book and it is simply delightful! I love the positive message and young children will love Princess Cupcake Jones!

To find out more check out the website at . It can also be purchased on  Amazon. and you  can also find it or order it at your local bookstore!


WhatstheBigIdeaCB Jacket_cover  WhereDidYouGoCharlieBrown_Cover  WhoCaresCB_Front Cover

I admit it! I am a big Peanuts fan! I just love Snoopy! So, I am quite excited about the following three books! “Who Cares, Charlie Brown?” (ISBN: 978-1621572596) by Charles M. Schulz. This touching ode to some of the world’s great humanitarian heroes—including one forgotten hero who helped little kids!—will warm hearts and inspire. Book includes presentations on great humanitarian heroes and activity pages.

“What’s the Big Idea, Charlie Brown?” (ISBN: 978-1621572572) by Charles M. Schulz. Rediscover history’s great inventions—and learn about a very important inventor you’ve never even heard of before—in this fun and enlightening new Peanuts story. The book includes presentations on great inventors and activity pages.

“Where Did You Go, Charlie Brown?” (ISBN: 978-162157-258-9) by Charles M. Schulz. Retrace the remarkable journeys of men and women who tread new ground—including one woman you’ve never heard of before—in this exciting new Peanuts adventure. Book includes presentations on great explorers and activity pages.

I really like these books because they not only have some of my favorite characters but they also are educational and I love the activity pages! I mean…how cool is this?! The Peanuts gang embarks on brand-new adventures highlighting the exceptional people who make American great! People like Thomas Edison and Neil Armstrong! (Just to name a couple!) These are a Must-Have for children of all ages.

Check out,  to get more information about and to purchase the books.

Self Disclosure: I received free books to review and include in our holiday gift suggestions but all opinions expressed are my own.


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