How to Style Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses

Convertible dresses are perfect for bridal parties that celebrate different shapes and sizes. This compromise between form and function allows brides to get the cohesive look they desire without forcing any bridesmaids to wear a style in which they’re uncomfortable.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which style to wear. Here are a few fan-favorite ways to rock a convertible dress.

One Shoulder

According to the fashion experts at Azazie, one-shoulder dresses have made a comeback in the wedding industry in recent years. This elegant look is reminiscent of a Greek Goddess and provides some support while still looking fun and sexy. 

To invoke your inner Aphrodite, place both straps over your right shoulder. Adjust the fabric to ensure you get the frontal coverage you desire. Twist the straps together, pulling them toward the left side of your body. Once you reach your waistline, pull the ends of the straps around the respective sides of your body. Tie in the front and, you’re done!

For a fun twist on this look that adds an element of sophistication, try the one-shoulder knot. Start by putting your straps over one shoulder as before. Then, instead of twisting, tie the straps in a knot. If you’ve chosen your right shoulder, bring the right strap under your arm to the front and the left strap across your back and pull to the front. Cross under the bust line and have one of your fellow bridesmaids tie in the back.


For bridesmaids who favor the strapless look, this convertible dress style is one of the easiest to wear. Start with both straps over the respective shoulders. Then, place the left strap over the right side of your chest and pull through the back. 

Repeat on the opposite side using the other strap. Cross the straps at the back, around the front, and to the back again to secure. It’s that easy.

Simple Straps

For a sultry, backless look that still provides support, create simple straps with your convertible dress. Place each strap over the corresponding shoulder and twist individually. 

Continue to twist each strap until the twisted portion reaches your shoulder blade. From there, wrap each strap under the corresponding arm and cross under the bustline for added support. Tie the straps on your lower back, using a pin to secure if needed.


Some women feel more comfortable with their shoulders covered. To do this with a convertible dress, place the straps over the corresponding shoulders. Make sure they are flat and wide for maximum coverage. Cross the straps in the back and bring them through to the front. Cross again at the front and secure at the back for simple-yet-elegant shoulder coverage.

You can adjust this look for cap sleeves by adding a simple twist in each strap at the armpit. Instead of a simple cross at the back, overlap the straps and pull back toward the original side to loop the straps through one another and add support. 

If you’re wearing a convertible dress, try a few styles to see what works for you. The style you choose might surprise you. Practice the style a few times so that you’re ready to go on the big day.

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