How To Plan A Winter Vacation With Your Children

Getting away for the winter is the perfect opportunity to escape the cold weather and bond with your children. You’ll have a much better experience and a more successful trip when you take the time to plan ahead.

Use this trip as a way to spend quality time with your kids and also to relax yourself. Keep in mind that it’s important to remain flexible both in the preparation stages and as you depart to your final destination. While it can be fun to have your children come along with you on vacation, keep in mind that it will be extra work on your part. It’s important to remain optimistic that all will go smoothly based on your preplanning and to simply be glad you’re all together.

Create A Budget

Your vacation will get off to a much better start when you take the time to create a budget in advance. Check out a company such as Bonsai Finance to help you get the financial tools and resources you need so that you can make your trip a reality. It’s a smart idea to figure out how much money you’ll require all together, so you can not only cover the costs of travel and hotel, but also any other miscellaneous or food expenses you’ll need once you’re at your destination. Use this budget as a guideline for helping you to select where you might want to go and what you might want to do.

Research Destinations

Where you decide to travel to on your winter vacation with your children is a major deciding factor in determining how much fun you’ll have as a group. It’s in your best interest to take the time to do your homework and research a lot of different destinations. You should plan to decide early on if you want to get away to someplace warm and be on a beach or rent a cabin in the snow somewhere and enjoy the season. Jump online and start scoping out the hot spots and what’s affordable so that you can begin to narrow down where you want to go. Also, read the reviews from other travelers to help you decide if it’s a destination worth checking out.

Confirm there are Children’s Activities to do

Since you’re traveling with your children, it makes sense you’d want to have a good idea ahead of time regarding what there is to do for people of all ages. As you figure out where you’re going to travel to, confirm there are children’s activities to do that will keep you all engaged on your vacation. The last situation you want is to head someplace that’s made for adults and have your kids feeling bored the entire time. Make sure your search criteria includes this detail so that wherever you’re going ends up being an excellent place for children and families to hang out. You want to confirm there are plenty of entertaining options available and at your fingertips before committing to a destination.

Shop for Appropriate Clothing

Packing is all part of the process when you decide to go on a vacation, especially with your children. Rummage through all of your closets and figure out what you already own and what you may need to purchase before you depart. Try to pack light, so you’re not all having to carry around heavy bags and assist your children as well as keeping an eye on your own belongings. Find out what the expected weather and temperature is going to be while you’re there and shop for appropriate clothing accordingly. Make it a point to only pack the necessities and what you need, instead of bringing along too much as to avoid unwanted headaches and frustration. Also, pack sunscreen if you’ll be out in the sunshine and warm clothes if you’re going someplace with colder temperatures to help protect everyone’s skin.

Outline Your Trip

You’ll have a much more pleasant and successful winter vacation with your children when you proactively outline your trip well in advance. Have a good idea of what you’ll be doing and a loose schedule you can all follow once you arrive. Your vacation will feel more organized and less chaotic when you all know what to expect and are sticking to an outlined plan. Remember to also pencil in some alone and downtime for your family to rest and relax without having to be anywhere in specific. Figure out where you’ll be staying, which attractions you want to see and book your reservations early for any activities you know you want to do.

Plan Ahead for Work & School

It’s possible you’ll need to take little extra time off or away from work and school as you plan out your winter vacation with your children. Make sure you all get the approval from the teachers and your boss before you invest the money in your trip. Also, it’s a wise idea to work ahead and get any tasks or assignments completed and out of the way before you all leave. This way, you can simply sit back and enjoy your time together without having to worry about your obligations back home. If you do need to check in to work while you’re away, set limitations, so you don’t become a distraction on your family vacation. Help your kids in advance as well, so they’re not feeling stressed out while on your trip thinking about schoolwork.


Follow these tips, and you’ll have a much easier time planning the perfect winter vacation for you and your children. Quit worrying about all that could go wrong and focus your attention on what you can do ahead of time to guarantee a seamless getaway for you and the ones you love. Start the planning process early on, so you’re not feeling pressured or rushed into making decisions at the last minute. Involve your family in the preparation process, so everyone feels like they have a voice, are looking forward to the vacation and know what to expect.


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