How to Lower your Electric Bill

Another month with a high electricity bill? It seems like a common issue to everyone. Many electricity providers sometimes charge you way too much. The first thing we advise you to do is reliable research on electricity providers. Companies like Reliant Energy Houston make it possible with its various collection of user experiences and customer’s recommendations.

Except for changing your electric suppliers or hiring an electrician , you can also do a few things to avoid paying so much. Here you can find a few ways of how to lower your electric bill and save the money.

Start from an energy audit. Some devices consume more energy than others, and limiting their usage can significantly lower your bill. Moreover, paradoxical as it seems, a lot of energy is being used in the air leaks places. Check drafts detailed instructions and find such leaks yourself.

Get rid of “vampire energy.” Lots of people are not aware of the fact that many devices leech energy even when you don’t use them. Accessories like phone chargers, kitchen appliances, or TV cables “steal” electricity also if you’re not at home and contribute to 20% of the monthly electric bill. If you want to save the energy, unplug all the chargers when not used. If you’re getting away for longer, empty your fridge and turn off the whole electricity.

Consider changing your lights for fluorescent ones. They consume less energy and make about 75% less heat. Even though such lights are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they last much longer, in fact, up to ten times longer, depending on lighting habits. Switching to fluorescent lights can significantly lower your electric bills.

Saving electricity protects not only your wallet but also the environment. Follow our little 3-step guide and enjoy spending money on more exciting things than the electric bills.

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