How to Become More Self-Sufficient

Before the industrial revolution, most people on the planet were much more self-sufficient than we are today. Despite all the comfort and good that advanced technology and quicker processes have brought to our contemporary lifestyles, it’s not without its downsides. The pressure to achieve highly and never stop working is greater now due to the heightened demands of society. A helpful way to combat feeling overwhelmed by expectations and pressure is to learn to be self-sufficient. When you can rely upon yourself more fully, the stresses of the outside world become less worrying. Here are a few tips to inspire you to get started.

Grow Your Own Food

When it comes down to it, one of our most pressing priorities is ensuring we can feed ourselves. While it may seem like you are working for money, most of that is compelled by the need to secure your next meal. If you can produce your own food as much as possible, you won’t have to work so hard to earn money, which is the middle man between you and lunch. Of course, money is still an important aspect of functioning comfortably within society, but loosening its grip on you in small ways can be a huge relief. Start with an indoor vegetable garden or research the techniques of hydroponics. Even just making your own bread can fill you with a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement.

Mend Your Belongings

Breaking a useful object or tearing your best jeans can feel extremely irritating. Having to replace possessions is a chore. However, mending them can be rewarding and fun. Instead of immediately heading out to buy a replacement, teach yourself the skills to fix what you own. If your shoes start to wear out, buy grommets from GoldStar Tools to freshen them up. If your shirt has a hole in it, find the matching thread and stitch it back together. While these might seem insignificant, the accumulation of pride and self-esteem that comes with being able to care for yourself is hugely valuable. Learning what you’re capable of is an exciting part of becoming more self-sufficient.

Learn Basic DIY Skills

Having something go wrong in the home is always unpleasant. When a pipe leaks or a shelf breaks, the unexpected chaos of finding someone to solve the problem can be just as frustrating as the problem itself. If you learn to fix these problems yourself, however, you save yourself stress in the long term. Imagine how good it would feel to know that you can maintain the running of your home with minimal outside assistance.

Stretch Your Comfort Zone with Curiosity

While it might seem more efficient to wait until problems arise to learn the techniques needed to solve them, let your curiosity lead you to new discoveries that could help you in the future. For example, find out how to change your car tires before you get a puncture or read up about joinery in case you one day decide to build a new dining table. Having a background of knowledge can help you feel more secure in your abilities and more prepared for unpredictable futures.

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