Halloween Book Favorites!

Looking for some great picture books? Here are a few of my favorites this holiday! BROOMS ARE FOR FLYING by Michael Rex: A perfect first Halloween book for preschoolers, with all of the fun of every child’s favorite holiday and not too much of the scariness. This is a really fun book for ages 2-5 years old.

TURN THE WHEEL: SPOOKY PANTS by Roger Priddy: With over 30 different combinations of spooky characters to create, parents and children will have lots of fun enjoying this book together–the perfect way to get young children in the mood for trick-or-treating. Young children will really love this fun book!

THE GHOSTS WENT FLOATING by Kim Norman; illustrated by Jay Fleck: Inspired by the children’s song “The Ants Went Marching” and involving early math concepts, writer Kim Norman and illustrator Jay Fleck’s The Ghosts Went Floating is a spooktacular adventure perfect for Halloween. This one will be a hit with children ages 3-8.

POESY THE MONSTER SLAYER by Cory Doctorow; illustrated by Matt Rockefeller: Each pull-tab changes a Halloween character and reveals something hidden behind the acetate window, making this the ideal Halloween purchase for young children. Children will love Poesy!

Here are a couple great choices for Middle school age kids!

THEY THREW US AWAY by Daniel Kraus, illus. by Rovina Cai: THEY THREW US AWAY is the first book in an ambitious upper middle-grade trilogy following a group of teddy bears who come to life in a garbage dump and embark on a journey to fulfill their destiny.   I really enjoyed reading about the teddy bears and their journey! I highly recommend for middle school-age kids!

THE FOREST OF STARS by Heather Kassner: This isn’t just any carnival . . . this is the Carnival Beneath the Stars, a motley mix of magical outcasts who put on a dazzling spectacle complete with a Misfortune Teller, a living tattoo, and a girl who weaves shadows into spiderwebs. It’s the perfect Halloween read.  

These books can be found here and also on Amazon.com.

Happy Halloween!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples of the above books to feature this Halloween post. Images were also provided.

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