Get-The-Look from Malan Breton with Babyliss Pro


Malan Breton’s Spring/Summer 2014 presentation shown Saturday, September 7th at the Box at Lincoln Center.

Malan Breton’s collection represented a fusion of the classic, “Saville Row” silhouettes of 1960s British pop superstars and the decadent romantic fashions featured in Wong Kar Wai’s critically acclaimed film, “In the Mood for Love.”

Lead hairstylist, Jose Perales, Creative Director of Babyliss Pro, utilized the world’s first fully automatic professional curl machine, the Babyliss Pro MiraCurl, to create a structured yet feminine hairstyle to complement Breton’s designs. Please find steps to create the look below:

·         Begin by dividing hair into three sections – left, right and middle.

·         Curl large sections of the hair – 1 ¼ inch or greater – away from the face, using a large barrel curling iron.  Pin in place to set.

·         Next, begin curling small 1 inch sections of hair using the Babyliss Pro MiraCurl. Starting on the right side, curl hair using the tool’s setting fixed on left rotation. Repeat on the left side, with the tool’s setting fixed on right rotation. This will ensure that curls angle towards the face. Pin each curl to set, and then blow dry the hair using a diffuser, on a cool setting.

·         Leaving the middle section of hair pinned, brush out the right and left side curls using a bristled brush. Start at the root and work down to the ends. Perales recommends using a hairspray, such as Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Hair Spray, while brushing to eliminate frizz.

·         Move on to the middle section, releasing it from the pins. Beginning in the back, working toward the front, tease each curl with a bristle brush at the root to create the illusion of thicker hair with more volume.

·         Lastly, brush the middle section back and secure with Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Hair Spray.


Babyliss Pro MiraCurl

The Babyliss Pro MiraCurl may be purchased by licensed hairdressers and cosmetologists through a professional beauty distributor or store. Consumers who wish to purchase the professional product may order through their local salon or stylist from $199.99 — $249.99.


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