Combat Forward Posture with a Massage and Enhancement and Save 20% Exclusively at Burke Williams


Burke Williams Day Spa invites guests to reverse the negative effects of forward posture by experiencing a Pure Relaxation massage with a enhancement for 20% off the regular price through June 22. This revolutionary massage technique incorporates back bolstering, strategic pressure and therapeutic stretching into a relaxing full body massage for the optimum rejuvenation. addresses prevalent issues from the stress of everyday life including head and shoulder forward posture, thoracic outlet syndrome and carpel tunnel syndrome. The service incorporates a back bolstering technique to work the shoulder girdle area, use of a therapeutic ball for shoulder and arm work, and a therapeutic wand as a way to enhance the stretching techniques used to open up the pectoral muscles and extend the front of the chest. This powerful combination of techniques target tension in the neck, back and shoulders. Although the service is designed to be therapeutic, guests will still receive the benefits of rest and relaxation through clay heat packs that help calm and center the body during the enhancement session.


The enhancement can be added on to a Pure Relaxation Massage or Deep Tissue Massage. The enhancement will last 20 minutes of the entire massage experience. The service will produce immediate results in posture. It is recommended that be experienced regularly in order to produce the most effective and lasting results.


Visit a Burke Williams near you and venture beyond the spa with a signature treatment and enhancement today. Enhancement Special Pricing Through June 22:

Southern California

20% off $130 for 50-minute or $180 for 80-minute Swedish

San Jose

20% off $139 for 50-minute or $189 for 80-minute Swedish

San Francisco

20% off $155 for 50-minute or $205 for 80-minute Swedish

Deep Tissue Upgrade

$20 for 50-minutes or $30 for 80-minutes. Deep Tissue upgrade cannot be discounted.

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to post. Credit: Burke Williams Day Spa.

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